Obtaining From Berlin to Hamburg, Munich, Fragrance, or even Frankfurt is actually achievable in numerous means– and also listed below arrives a complete guide of each one of all of them. (I wager you really did not recognize amount 4 but!)

Through learn

1. Rapid learns (ICE, IC)

The crown jewel of the German railroads Deutsche Bahn * is actually the ICE. Ashore, it is actually often the fastest methods of trip, also a lot faster than cars and trucks: Berlin– Munich in 6: 07 hrs, coming from town hall to town hall. Yet it is actually likewise the absolute most costly: A typical charge ticket coming from Berlin to Munich prices 130 EUR

Explore a link along with Deutsche Bahn *

2. Rapid learns along with Bahncard

The Bahncard is actually an elapsed legitimate for one year, offering you a 25% or even a 50% rebate on every regular charge ticket. The 25% variation also offers rebates on the saving idea charge (view listed below).

The Bahncard 50 for second course tickets prices 255 EUR, the analog Bahncard 25 62 EUR— each for one year. Yet there are actually test variation for 3 months, also, beginning with 19 EUR Only inspect the observing web link:

Obtain a Bahncard *

3. Rapid learns along with Saving idea charge ( Sparpreis)

If you prepare your excursion earlier, you may acquire a saving idea charge, beginning with also 19 EUR! As well as I only examined: Evidently 10 times earlier suffice to acquire such a ticket (unless you are actually taking a trip on the weekend break: these tickets are actually often scheduled out swiftly).

One disadvantage on the saving idea charges: They are actually consistently linked to one particular learn and also certainly not legitimate in a learn previously or even later on (unless there was actually a problem of your very first learn and also you were actually unable to capture a hooking up learn). Therefore take care to utilize the best learn!

To still locate a saving idea charge when each one of all of them seem to be scheduled out, you still may experiment with various hookups: For example, if you restrain your link hunt to simply IC and also local learns (= omitting ICE learns), you typically may still locate a saving idea charge.

Discover saving idea charges on the link hunt of Deutsche Bahn *

4. Rapid learns along with Saving idea charges coming from Austrian or even Czech railroads

And Also listed below is actually a little bit of secret: Austrian or even Czech railroads perform likewise possess saving idea charges, and also they are actually often certainly not scheduled out therefore swiftly. Yet answer requires to begin or even drop in Austria/ in the Czech commonwealth.

So what perform you require to accomplish in the event that you intend to go coming from Berlin to Munich? On the Czech railroads, you purchase a ticket

  • coming from Děčín (final quit in Czech Commonwealth)
  • by means of Berlin Hbf
  • to MΓΌnchen Hbf (Munich)

Certainly, you will not utilize the drop Děčín to Berlin yet that does not matter– it simply matters that you currently possess a legitimate ticket coming from Berlin to Munich.

Also made complex? I have actually created an online video that reveals bit-by-bit what to accomplish:

As well as considering that evidently couple of folks pass learn coming from Czech Commonwealth to Germany, there are actually often consistently sufficient saving idea charges accessible. You only require to publication 3 times earlier, because that is actually the disorder of the saving idea charge. In our situation, our team spend 524 CZK = 19 EUR

The exact same concept may likewise be actually used at the Austrian railroads Right here you must somewhat select the place in Austria, therefore your ticket would certainly go

  • coming from Berlin Hbf
  • by means of MΓΌnchen Hbf (Munich)
  • to Kufstein (very first drop in Austria)

All boundary terminals you may use:

  • Czech railroads:
    • Děčín (for Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin)
    • Cheb (for Nuremberg)
    • Furth i Wald (for Munich)
  • Austrian railroads:

Czech railroads (ADVERTISEMENT) Austrian railroads (Γ–BB)

5. Regional learns (DISPLEASURE, RE, RB)

If your excursion is actually briefer, much less intended earlier and also you are actually taking a trip in a greater team, at that point you may look at opting for local learns. This may certainly not be actually an excellent suggestion coming from Berlin to Munich, as it takes almost 10 hrs– yet it deserves thinking about for example when going coming from Berlin to Hamburg (3 hrs).

Right here, the observing tickets settle: The Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket * (functioning times after 9am) and also the SchΓΆnes-Wochenende-Ticket * (Saturdays and also Sundays, entire time) are actually time passes, functioning in all local learns worked through Deutsche Bahn in Germany:

  • The Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket begins at 44 EUR for 1 individual, improving through 8 EUR for each observing individual (approximately 5). Therefore 5 folks select 76 EUR.
  • The SchΓΆnes-Wochenende-Ticket begins at 40 EUR for 1 individual, improving through 4 EUR for each observing individual (approximately 5). Therefore 5 folks select 56 EUR.

And Also for Berlin– Hamburg, the Deutsche Bahn delivers a straight local learn (DISPLEASURE) along with an exclusive ticket: Berlin-Hamburg-Spezial * for 19 EUR singular and also 29 EUR yield.

Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket * Wochenend-Ticket * Berlin-Hamburg-Spezial *

6. Exclusive learn firms: Flixtrain

Lately, an increasing number of exclusive learn firms showed up that likewise supply long-distance travels. The best well-liked one is actually Flixtrain *, giving regular learns coming from Berlin to Stuttgart, Hamburg to Fragrance– and also only lately also evening learns.

Their Berlin-Stuttgart tickets begin with 9.99 EUR, and also they are actually simply a bit slower than quick ICE learns– 7 hrs.

Update: For all travels created in August 2018, you get a 50% rebate for your following excursion! The coupon is actually acquired in August after the experience took place. It is actually delivered by means of e-mail. The coupon is actually simply legitimate for FlixTrain hookups in the time period 10.09-30112018

Flixtrain *

Through bus and also automobile

7. Long-distance bus (Fernbus)

Long-distance bus are actually a quite brand new means of trip in Germany. Yes, you heard me best. Up Until 2013, an outdated rule still used in Germany, certainly not permitting firms to supply a bus link on paths where a learn link exists. Consequently, along with Germany’s heavy learn system, practically no long-distance bus paths existed.

This transformed pair of years earlier, a comprehensive brand new market of bus hookups developed, along with all these brand new gamers still defending their stance. Which indicates: Rate cope rather reduced charges.

The most significant firm is actually Flixbus *, giving Berlin– Munich beginning with 9.99 EUR The trip opportunity is actually a bit a lot longer, though: 8 hrs.

To accomplish a meta-search over all bus firms, usage Busliniensuche *. It will certainly locate you the most cost effective deal provided a course and also a time.

Flixbus * Busliniensuche *

8. Trip portion ( Mitfahrgelegenheit)

Just before the long-distance busses appeared, a popular means to take a trip in Germany were actually experience portions: Individuals that were actually steering someplace along with their personal automobile and also possessed some chairs left behind, delivered all of them on the net.

As well as this style still functions rather effectively for hookups that are actually certainly not effectively dealt with through busses. As well as a popular system, also in every of Europe, is actually BlaBlaCar *: Only enroll there certainly and also locate experience portions beginning with 30 EUR (What, extra costly than busses? Yes, yet typically likewise a little bit a lot faster, considering that the busses usually quit at metropolitan areas in between, leaving behind the motorway.)

BlaBlaCar *

9. Bumming A Ride

Yes, this is actually likewise rather well-liked in Germany. As well as certainly: It is actually the most cost effective– if you are actually privileged or even you do not value your opportunity.

An incredibly popular area to begin your hitchhike is actually the gasoline stations near S-Bahn Nikolassee (line S7). A great deal of west- and also southbound travels begin there certainly, so it is actually the most effective location to converse up motorists at the gasoline stations or even to hang around along with an indication at the terminal’s leave.

Discover a whole lot, great deal additional suggestions on bumming a ride coming from Berlin on the Hitchwiki!

Hitchwiki Berlin

10 Automobile service

There is actually a well-known, regional automobile service in Berlin: Robben & & Wientjes You may possess actually seen their pickup in the area– a considerable amount of folks utilize all of them when relocating. Yet they likewise possess regular automobile.

Various other, nation-wide automobile rentals are actually Sixt * and also Europcar * They match you effectively if you are actually only going one-way: Get the automobile in Berlin, leave it in Munich.

Robben & & Wientjes Sixt * Europcar *

Through aircraft

11 Traveling

As well as ultimately, the most likely fastest means: soaring. Additionally certainly not essentially the absolute most costly, there are actually a considerable amount of reasonable providers giving nationwide and also global paths.

To locate the most effective deal, examination Skyscanner * Make Use Of BER to look along with each Berlin airport terminals simultaneously.

Skyscanner *

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