The photograph listed below was actually extracted from my porch. I simply relocated right into my apartment or condo, paying out 270 EUR for a tiled bathroom and kitchen, main home heating, pair of food stores and also bus drop in face, and also a U-Bahn hookup 14 minutes far from Alexanderplatz, and also 8 minutes coming from the Friedrichshain club place.

All this in an opportunity where the leas are actually increasing and also a growing number of individuals whine exactly how complicated it reached locate property in Berlin. And also I will certainly certainly not be located, it certainly ended up being tougher to locate affordable and also great areas. However listed below are actually some pointers exactly how you may greatly boost your probabilities. I carried out all 4 of all of them.

1. Head to the significant firms.

Perhaps previously you were actually appearing mainly online, and after that mosting likely to packed watchings of sub-par, costly apartments along with 20 candidates.

As an alternative, I suggest to look into houses of the significant property firms and also cooperatives, find the listed here. They get rid of normally a large lot of apartments.

As an example, my standard comes from Howoge, and also back in 2015 I located it through mosting likely to among their workplaces and also talking to personally. The moment I beinged in face of the staff member, she completely checked into their interior data source. The standard I entrusted was actually one that was actually still taken up theoretically yet the existing renter wished to leave behind immediately– thus as a matter of fact I received it quickly, as I desired.

However given that I existed thus early, I possessed no competitors when using.

Now, seemingly of a number of these firms modified their plan, and also as opposed to welcoming you to their workplace, they wish you either

  • to submit an internet kind informing all of them what kind of standard you require
  • or even to locate a condo you have an interest in on their web site, and after that call all of them for a browsing

In the dining table listed below, I assembled a listing of these firms incl. web links to their promotions

Business Areas Provides at business Provides at ImmoScout24
Deutsche Wohnen several promotions promotions
WBM Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Spandau promotions, app promotions
Howoge Lichtenberg, Treptow-Köpenick, Pankow promotions promotions
DPF Pankow, Mitte, Marzahn, Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg, Treptow-Köpenick, Lankwitz promotions promotions
Gesobau Pankow, Weißensee, Wedding Ceremony, Wilmersdorf, Märkisches Viertel promotions promotions
Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 Mitte, Treptow, Neukölln, Tempelhof, Charlottenburg promotions promotions
Wohnungsgenossenschaft Friedrichshain Friedrichshain, Hohenschönhausen, Lichtenberg promotions promotions
Stadt und Property Neukölln, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Steglitz, Treptow, Hellersdorf, Köpenick, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Marzahn promotions promotions
Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft Weissensee, Reinickendorf, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Spandau, Steglitz promotions promotions
Degewo Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, Tiergarten, Mitte, Wedding Ceremony, Reinickendorf, Pankow, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Marienfelde, Gropiusstadt, Marzahn, Treptow, Köpenick promotions promotions, promotions, promotions, promotions, promotions
Gewobag Lichtenberg, Spandau, Moabit, Mariendorf, Buckow, Rudow, Prenzlauer Berg, Reinickendorf, Tegel, Tempelhof, Treptow-Köpenick promotions, app promotions, promotions, promotions
Fortuna Marzahn, Biesdorf promotions promotions
Gr√ľne Mitte Hellersdorf promotions promotions
Nordlicht Marzahn promotions promotions
Wohnungsgenossenschaft Altglienicke Altglienicke promotions promotions
Gewiwo Wittenau, Tegel promotions promotions several promotions
Merkur Pankow, Lichtenberg, Treptow-Köpenick promotions
Wohnungsgenossenschaft Weissensee Weißensee promotions
Felix Hellersdorf promotions

Conclusion: Browse through promotions particularly of the much bigger firms. When possible visit their workplace and also administer. Get on, create the staff member would like to assist you. Carry a German audio speaker if essential.

2. Discover your niche market.

Perhaps you concerned Berlin along with the sight of residing in among the “wonderful event areas” like Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neuk√∂lln, Friedrichshain and so on, where all the great nightclubs and also flower child pubs are actually. And also there is actually absolutely nothing inappropriate keeping that, it is actually simply: A considerable amount of people prefer the exact same.

So it could be beneficial to attract attention a little bit and also look at a few other places that are actually normally lost out.

My standard for example resides in Lichtenberg, the area eastern of Friedrichshain. In it is actually facility, it possesses a bunch of Spätis and also take-aways, plus it is actually effectively hooked up to various other areas: Every S-Bahn death Warschauer Straße likewise passes Ostkreuz 1 and also Lichtenberg 3 ceases eventually, the U5 takes you to Friedrichshain in 2-4 stopovers (along with hookup to the M10)Рand also better to Alexanderplatz, where you can easily hop to the U2 or even U8

Essentially, coming from my residence I may be in many of these flower child locations within 30 mins.

Perhaps you can easily likewise locate some particular niches on your own: Examine what neighborhood variables are actually definitely vital for you and also which ones you possibly care much less around. Check out social transportation choicesРor even if you are actually extra right into bicycling: Consider adjoining places of your preferred areas. As an example, Treptow is actually close to Neukölln and also Kreuzberg, Wedding Ceremony and also Weißensee are actually close to Prenzlauer Berg.

Update: To locate your niche market, look at these pair of charts:

  • The to begin with one setups the regional ordinary rate (without home heating) of a 2-room standard on all S-Bahn and also U-Bahn drops in Berlin. This provides you a really good outline for a begin.
  • The 2nd active chart enables you a thorough hunt for apartments of various measurements and also stories their rates on a Berlin area chart.

Miet-Map Berlin
Conclusion: Due to the fact that Berlin’s social transportation body is actually equally effectively arranged, a bunch of apparently remote control areas are actually certainly not thus remote control as a matter of fact. Besides Lichtenberg, you may likewise take a better consider Treptow, Wedding Ceremony and also Moabit for more affordable residing.

3. Acquire all the documents readied.

In various other nations, leasing a property or even a standard could be somewhat laid-back: You create a really good opinion to the property manager, spend the down payment, salary possibly a greater down payment to defeat the competitors and also if they are actually still cynical, you give paying out the lease some months ahead of time. This mainly carries out certainly not operate in Germany.

Germans are actually a country of tenants— residence possession fees are actually equally reduced. And also given that Germans rent out a lot and also given that Germans enjoy policies, leasing is actually quite moderated.

As an example, through regulation, the down payment can easily certainly not be actually more than 3 opportunities of the lease. And also residents are actually quite secured due to the regulation: It is actually somewhat complicated for a lessor to remove a lessee, regardless of whether they are actually certainly not paying out the lease. Therefore, property managers are actually quite official and also make an effort to obtain as a lot safety as achievable.

Thus when leasing an entire standard coming from a lessor or even business (certainly not discussing exclusive sublets listed below), you will certainly likely require all of the complying with records:

  • Schufa-Auskunft (Schufa relevant information): The Schufa is actually a core debt bureau in Germany. Essentially, they find out about your phone arrangement, your checking account and also your financial debts. They understand particularly regarding financial debts that you carried out certainly not repay. All this information regarding you is actually included in a Schufa-Auskunft– and also as you can easily suppose, German property managers desire to find your own. Read through listed below exactly how to obtain one free of charge

  • Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung (wow, 34 characters!): This is actually a verification that you possess no financial debts coming from previous leas, normally provided through your previous property manager. May be likewise an easy newspaper coming from your moms and dads if this is actually where you (formally) stay currently.

  • Einkommensnachweise (evidence of revenue): Preferably, your project pay-roll of the final 3 months. If you are actually independent, you can easily locate a tax obligation financial advisor ( Steuerberater) creating for you a statement of your current revenue.

    Your tried and tested revenue need to normally be actually 3 opportunities more than the lease, incl. home heating ( Warmmiete).

    This is actually one thing that German property managers normally take really truly. If you fall short to verify adequate revenue, you can easily locate a 3rd individual (close friend, loved one) providing you a Mietb√ľrgschaft (rent out assurance). At that point, he or she needs to have to present their revenue, and also deliver their Schufa-Auskunft also.

  • Steal of your I.D. memory card/ ticket. Yes, it is actually minor, simply have actually the duplicate readied.

Picking up all these documents might spend some time. For that reason, begin early. At that point, particularly if you possess rivals, property managers will certainly cherish that you actually have your things readied, and also your possibilities will certainly be actually greater.

Conclusion: German property managers function additional like authorizations than veggie online marketers. For that reason, take the documents very seriously and also obtain it performed in loan.

4. Acquire a WBS

Possibilities are you are actually searching for an inexpensive standard given that you are actually inadequate. In Germany, this may be likewise a conveniences.

A considerable amount of property is actually subsidised, particularly in Berlin. It implies that the federal government somehow offered funds to the property managers (for example, when property or even remodeling their residence), and also right now they create all of them lease it out more affordable to inadequate individuals. To verify that you are actually inadequate, you require a WBS ( Wohnberechtigungsschein— holiday accommodation privilege certification).

I dealt with the treatment for a WBS in an added short article Simply simply put: “Poor” is actually determined for a bachelor in Berlin as having actually gotten a lot less after that 16.800 EUR in the in 2015, based upon your tax obligation expense. Every person along with a lawful home license for a minimum of 1 year can easily obtain a WBS. You can easily obtain the essential types listed below

Conclusion: Along With a WBS, an entire brand new property market will certainly open up for you: Fairly a bunch of affordable apartments– also in the widely known main areas, may merely be actually provided WBS managers.

Overlooked one thing?

Basically: Real estate in Berlin is actually certainly not as affordable as it was actually 5 or even 10 years earlier– yet it is actually still among the least expensive International principal cities. And also along with the 4 pointers used, you will certainly boost your possibilities to obtain excellent bargains.

However possibly you understand also far better pointers? If of course, feel free to leave behind a remark!


2015 Oct 19: For Italian sound speakers: Berlino Cacio Pepe Publication and also Il Mitte dealt with these essential pointers or even component of all of them in Italian.

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