That selfie stick for 5 EUR? Or even this cell phone scenario for 4? Purchase all of them on and also stand by 4 full weeks for the shipping coming from Asia– or even acquire each and also much more at Dong Xuan Facility, for the very same cost.

Electronic Gadgets
Digital Gizmos

All of us understand just how and also wrapped the planet market, specifically on innovation and also tricks: What utilized to become provided in a number of measures coming from Asia to Europe through a variety of salesmen, along with every web link in the establishment accumulating their scope– today it could be purchased straight coming from Asia, through some of the popular internet sites.

The only obstacle that continues to be is actually: Normally lengthy shipping opportunity. As well as you can not find the item along with your personal eyes just before. Plus some problem when you desire to return it.

At Berlin’s Dong Xuan Facility, you are going to discover basically the entire selection certainly not just on your monitor, yet stay. OK, perhaps certainly not the entire– yet the misrepresentation is actually certainly not as well unlikely.

Lobby amount 8, 200 gauges long

Dong Xuan market features 8 huge lobbies of practically 200 gauges duration, everyone along with a corridor flexing coming from one point to the various other, and also a variety of stores lined up on the left behind a best edge. These provide:

  • electronic devices
  • clothing
  • cosmetics
  • nail centers
  • hairstylist
  • home/ home kitchen things
  • bike extras ( padlocks, illuminations)
  • grocery stores, specifically Eastern
Nail Studio in Dong Xuan
Catch Center in Dong Xuan
Home things/ bike extras/ present store

For example, the final opportunity I went, and many more I have actually arrived a purse, bike illuminations and also a selfie stick/ tripod collection– for the very same cost as at a Hongkong-based reseller.

Position Hrs & & Instructions

Dong Xuan facility levels daily coming from 10-20 h yet finalized Tuesdays!

It lies situated in Lichtenberg, right facing the cable car quit Herzbergstr./ Industriegebiet, gone by

  • pipes M8, associating with Alexanderplatz and also the Ringbahn at Landsberger Allee
  • pipes 21, associating with Friedrichshain/ Frank Tor