Among the very first thing to organize after getting there in a brand new nation is actually a regional SIM memory card. As an immigrant, you could be particularly considering the deal of simquadrat

simquadrat uses you a SIM memory card along with a German residential phone amount. This is actually quite handy if folks contact you coming from outdoors Germany considering that the prices for phoning a land line amount are actually often merely a part of the ones for phoning a mobile phone amount. [1]

Besides, simquadrat’s prices are actually certainly not truly greater than on various other pre paid memory cards:

  • 9 Eurocent/min for contact us to Germany (residential phone or even mobile phone)
  • 9 Eurocent for SMS to Germany
  • 10 EUR for 1GB Net monthly

What is actually also a lot better: When being actually abroad in the EU, no roaming sets you back secure the initial 30 times (excl. Net). This implies: folks can easily contact your German amount without you paying out everything throughout decision. And also you can easily maintain phoning German amounts for 9 Eurocent.

Right here is actually the web site to get the simquadrat SIM memory card

  1. Consider occasion Skype: Phoning a German residential phone amount expenses you 0.50 Eurocent, a mobile phone amount 5.2 Eurocent every moment.