Particularly when renting out a standard, you need to have to present your proprietor your Schufa details/ Schufa rating. Listed below I present you just how to obtain it free of cost, straight coming from your computer system.

Creating a free Schufa inquiry at makes a complimentary Schufa concern for you

Care: The free of charge Schufa record will certainly take all around 3 full weeks or even even more till you get it. If you require it previously, you must make use of the paid out alternative.

What is actually Schufa?

The Schufa is actually a core credit scores bureau in Germany. Essentially, they understand about your phone arrangement, your savings account as well as your personal debts. They understand specifically concerning personal debts that you carried out certainly not repay. They likewise work out a rating ( Schufa-Score) that prices your credit reliability. All this information concerning you is actually consisted of in a Schufa record ( Schufa-Auskunft).

Acquire a complimentary Schufa record (paper-based)

Through legislation, the Schufa is actually called for to provide you your Schufa record annually free of cost. To obtain one:

  • Take Place this webpage as well as pick your nation banner for your foreign language
  • carry out fill in the Personal Information as well as Various other details
  • carry out CERTAINLY NOT fill in the Option segment (it will certainly purchase the paid out alternative)

At that point you need to have to send out the document every basic email to the deal with created on the document. After around 3 full weeks, you ought to get their response through basic email.

Acquire a complimentary Schufa record coming from (paperless) is actually a 3rd party solution that makes an effort to create this method less complicated for you. Listed below, you fill in an internet document:

  • fill in your individual information: Given name, Surname, birthdate, childbirth title (if various coming from existing one), road, POSTAL CODE, urban area.
  • you might incorporate a previous deal with if you possess one
  • incorporate your signature: through selecting unterschreiben, a popup will certainly open up. Certainly there, you can easily authorize utilizing your computer mouse/ trackpad. You can easily make an effort as well as redo you more than happy along with the end result ( rückgängig = Undo, neu beginnen = Restart). At that point click on speichern as well as the popup shuts.
  • when made with webpage 1, click on weiter

On the 2nd webpage:

  • incorporate you e-mail deal with
  • additionally, you can easily incorporate you PGP secret to get encrypted e-mails coming from If you do not understand what this is actually or even do not wish this, merely pick Keinen Schlüssel benutzen
  • choose a code, therefore you can easily later on login to
  • click Absenden

Eventually, you will certainly an acquire an email along with an account activation web link, which you need to have to click.

Currently, Selbstauskunft will certainly send out a questions every facsimile along with your information as well as your trademark to the Schufa bureau, as well as you need to have to stand by till they deliver your record to you through basic email.

Extra concerns coming from performs certainly not merely deal generating concerns for Schufa yet likewise for a loads various other information owners concerning you. So you in fact may explore as well as obtain all the information that German business data banks consist of concerning you.