During the emperor’s time, the city palace was one of the largest buildings in Berlin. Badly damaged in World War II, it was finally blown up. The Palace of the Republic was built in its place in the GDR. After the reunification, it was torn down and voices were raised to rebuild the old castle. Countless discussions later, the new building is now ready. It’s called the Humboldt Forum, and instead of a palace for a few, it should be a museum for everyone. The building of the Humboldt Forum was planned and executed on three sides based on the model of the historic Royal Palace by the architect Andreas Schlueter, as it was around 1720. The fourth facade and the interior were designed by Franco Stella. The entire complex is a new building in a public-private partnership. The construction costs amounted to approx. 677 million euros (as of October 2020) My recommended playlist: Potsdam Brandenburger Straße : https://youtu.be/3IWWXtblHwI Berlin Friedrichstrasse : https://youtu.be/WHXvOoSqQrw Berlin Kurfürstendamm : https://youtu.be/M6MOMNKbcoM Berlin Kurfürstendamm in the rain : https://youtu.be/HfbEhQ_CJBc Berlin Kurfürstendamm Black Friday : https://youtu.be/r-CGHwHNmQg Berlin Cycling Kurfürstendamm : https://youtu.be/P67orOd11O0 Berlin Alexanderplatz : https://youtu.be/9YAPraECDVA Berlin nightlife Hackescher Markt : https://youtu.be/lQmdnyU0X7U