The 10 things you need to know before moving to Berlin! This video is for those of you planing to move living in Berlin, Germany. I hope you will find it informative and funny 🙂 Subscribe for more videos: ☞ More about me & Berlin on my websites: ☞ ☞ My Vimeo: Check out GoOn Berlin on TripAdvisor: ☞ Follow us on Facebook: ☞ And Instagram: ☞ here are the topics in the video: 1. Visa: ♦Information about visas: 2. Apartment: ♦ Wesite to look apartments: ♦ Another one: 3. Language. 4. Friends: ♦ Meetup is a great place to find new friends in Berlin: 5. Weather. 6. Transportation: ♦ Updated information about fairs: ♦ Get to know the maps and trains: 7. Bureaucracy: ♦ Anmeldung form to fill up: ♦ Aprovel of an apartment: 8. Money. 9. Have a plan. 10. don’t be afraid. #Berlin #immigration #top10