My Berlin travel guide includes 28 secrets, things to do and best places to visit which I carefully selected for Berlin in Germany. You won’t believe number #23 which is a must-see attraction. SUPER SAVER Berlin WelcomeCard with 50% discounts everywhere! ONLY $23 USD Download my FREE map for Berlin: The first thing you have to remember about Berlin is that it has 2 main city centers in West and East Berlin, primarily the cause of the aftermath of World War 2. I took my family to Berlin – Germany for Christmas to visit its amazing Christmas markets and local events. Berlin is definitely a gem of city but it has its flaws, it could have been the time of the year, Christmas shopping, new year’s stress, we basically had a very bad experience with the local service, primarily at restaurants, they seemed to not give a damn about hospitality. Service was overall very sloppy, unpolite and slow. However we did notice major improvements on the westend of Berlin. For more information on how to find the Das Klo, Ritter Sport Cafe, Tresor, Berghain and Christmas markets, go to my blog: Support my channel and become a subscriber! Please share this video with your friends to help out my show Thanks for all your support, please give this video a giant LIKE and leave a comment below! Instagram β–Ί Facebook β–Ί Twitter β–Ί Sharing is caring πŸ™‚ thanks guys for your support!
all right
these are my 28 hidden secrets and best
places to visit in the capital of
Germany we are in start off your Berlin
winter adventure at Central Station own
in German as the hub Bonnell first stop
at the east side gallery the longest
open-air gallery in the world painted on
the infamous Berlin wall which used to
separate East and West Berlin during a
Soviet occupation after world war ii
next the most gorgeous Church in Berlin
is the Berlin of dome which rocks these
incredible interior decorations this is
incredible and a giant crypt in the
basement Richter Sport is a popular
German chocolate brand at the Ritter
sport cafe in Berlin you can even make
your own bar with your favorite
ingredients to make your own bar we’ll
take 40 minutes or settling for a
regular bar it’s a sport time this is
the most popular landmark in Germany the
Brandenburg tour built in the 18th
century by the Prussian King this poor
man lost this arm but that’s not the
only thing he lost further down the
street you will find the Jewish
Holocaust memorial the memorial is
composed of 2711 rectangular concrete
blocks which represents an ordered
system that has lost touch with human
reason please don’t be a fool by
climbing on top of these blocks treat
this memorial with the respect it
deserves Berlin was split in two parts
after world war ii checkpoint charlie
was the most famous corridor between the
American and Russian control sites of
the city smaller than yes it’s really
small now let me take you through the
dark a history of Berlin starting and
the Nazi Gestapo headquarters which is
now part of the topography of Terror a
large photo exhibition about the crimes
of the Gestapo and the SS during Nazi
rule please be warned this permanent
photo exhibition is not for the faint of
another important site and of historical
significance is Babel Platz at the
humboldt university where the Nazis
organized a giant book burning in 1933
to destroy all books that went against
discipline and decency in the family and
the nation if you really want to take it
a step further you can visit the site of
Hitler’s bunker where Hitler committed
suicide at the end of World War two
nowadays the bunker has been replaced
with a large apartment
and complex next move on to one of the
most visited attractions in Berlin the
DDR museum which stands for the German
Democratic Republic and find out what
it’s like to live under communist
occupation this was the first social
state on German soil nude beaches were
absolutely normal
the German government is nowadays
located in the iStock building in Berlin
be sure to make a reservation prior to
your visit to check out its impressive
dome on top of the roof for dinner
indulge yourself in a local Berlin
delicacy the curry Wurst
a German sausage with spiced curry
ketchup sauce and fries really good
since I visited Berlin during Christmas
it’s an absolute must to visit one of
its Christmas markets at the potsdamer
platz you can enjoy a few outdoor games
feast on incredible German Street food
Oh drink beer like a true German at one
of its many beer halls enjoying a
steagle sympathy at the potsdamer platz
you’ll also find the sony center with
its famous Christmas event next the
gendarme amok and not a famous Christmas
market where I recommend you try local
German hot cocoa warm steamed potatoes
from the colorful house and a delicious
piece of noget for dessert zoe nuts so
good just like sugary and nutty all the
right ingredients policies’ to get a
better glimpse of Berlin go up the fence
enter the tallest tower in Germany which
offers incredible views of the city now
on the west side of Berlin you can visit
yet another Christmas market yeah the
cool food stand ahead bright side plot
at the coupe Woodson Dom you also find
that the kites a villain Church
surprisingly this church survived the
massive bombing raids on Berlin during
World War two drop by cafe consular a
famous coffee house in Berlin dating
back to 1834 and treat yourself to a
warm glass of gluon which is cinnamon
spiced warm red wine with an orange
their most iconic winter drink another
delicacy is the apfelstrudel now the
most unique place in Berlin for dinner
is called the dusk law this is by far
the most entertaining place in Berlin a
hilarious toilet themed bar with hidden
surprises behind every corner
this is not your average bar make sure
to tried that coolie Vorst
with homemade sauce third sandwich the
sauce is amazing trust me you will not
be disappointed make sure to check this
out when you’re in Berlin after dinner
it’s time for the battle in nightly I
recommend you start at Alexander Platz
for a couple of beers and rach at one of
their gigantic bear hall party
step it up a notch at their fancy techno
night clubs like trestle a former power
plant turned into a techno club or try
the hard to enter bad guy considered the
best club in Berlin but you may risk
your entire night trying to get in I
personally had the best time at Cosmo
now on the east end of Berlin
and make sure to end your night in style
with typical battling street food do not
keep up it’s marvelous the addresses to
all these locations can be found in the
description box below or you can
download an entire map of Berlin with
more of my hidden secrets on my website
reformat dark on just click on the link
that appears on your screen right now on
which I included prices detailed maps
photos extra videos and my personal
advice now here are a few bonus tips you
may want to consider jumping into the
Battleship a riverside beach bar with
bars holding heated swimming pools and
saunas during the winter for an
affordable dinner consider pizza at
Viviano and for a good night’s sleep
stay at Hotel Leonardo near Alexander
oh and if you have been to Berlin before
I would love to know from you what was
your favorite place and why by leaving a
comment in the comment section below
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