Go on a 360-degree tour of Berlin’s Christmas markets with DW reporter Nicole Frölich. She has three tips for you!
Christmas is right around the corner and
in Germany that means it’s time for
mulled wine Gingerbread and cookies and
all of that can of course be found in
the countries typical Christmas markets
there are about 2,500 of them scattered
all across Germany and in Berlin alone
you’ll have to choose between 80 of them
a tough choice I know but I’m here to
help I have three tips for you and I’ll
bring them to you in 360 degrees so that
you can get an authentic impression of
the places we visit move your phone and
the picture will follow you if you’re on
a computer you can drag the image with
your mouse or just put on your VR
glasses and dive into Berlin’s Christmas
from Kitsch and bling bling to festive
tradition and Germany’s capital you’ll
find it all my first stop is junk DOM
and mocked it’s one of Berlin’s most
romantic Christmas market
that’s mostly due to its location the
market is framed by the concert hall
this building with the big stairs and
the columns the German church on the
left and the French Church on the right
the market is known for its craft stands
wood sculptors glass blowers painters
they all sell their products in the
indoor part of the market you can even
watch them at work like this jeweler for
example may I ask what you’re doing
there oh I’m standing fossil mammoth
ivory mammoth T’s from Siberia fossil
mammoth ivory you know it’s lichen
exactly let me show you this is a piece
of tusk
it’s at least ten thousand years old or
probably on twenty thousand years old
and it’s collected each year in Siberia
so many cool things to discover at the
gendarmenmarkt christmas market
my next recommendation is the market by
the Voltas rathaus Berlin’s Town Hall
here you’ll not only get to indulge in a
million Christmassy delicacies you’ll
also get the chance to burn all those
nasty calories right back off or at
least I think that’s what this ice
skating rink is for let’s go the rink
measures 600 square meters and circles
around the Neptune fountain
almost like skating on a frozen lake
another highlight of this market is the
ferris wheel
from up here you can get a bird’s-eye
view of this Christmas market and you’ll
see that it may not be all too big but
it has a lot more to offer than just
your regular stance my third
recommendation for you is the one-inch
bundo a district that’s a little off the
beaten tourist path in Berlin but the
trip it’s definitely worth it let me
show you why
spaniels Christmas market is very
traditional and has a great vibe during
the week you’ll find 200 stands around
here and twice as many during the
weekend plenty of Christmas decorations
sweet delights and mulled wine
another important part of German
Christmas markets is the nativity scene
the one-inch bundo is famous for its
live animals well I don’t know about you
but I for one can’t wait for a Christmas
to come you still need some help getting
in the mood for the most wonderful time
of the year come over to Berlin and
enjoy the magic of the season Happy
Holidays to you all wherever in the
world you may be