Hey guys! So sorry for the silence recently! My vlog camera is broken, I am so gutted. It is away for repair so the videos may be a little slow. This vlog was so much fun to film with Ollie in Berlin! We were there for two nights and had the best time. If you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe! Luke WHERE WE STAYED: https://www.steigenberger.com/hotels/alle-hotels/deutschland/berlin/steigenberger-hotel-berlin PLACES WE VISITED: SILO COFFEE: https://www.facebook.com/silocoffee KIMCHEE PRINCESS: http://www.kimchiprincess.com BENEDICT BRUNCH: http://benedict-breakfast.de 19GRAMS COFFEE: https://www.facebook.com/19grams.Chaussee CHURCH VIEW: http://www.secretcitytravel.com/berlin-november-2014/berlin-sightseeing-city-views-zionskirche-church-prenzlauer-berg.shtml ITALIAN OSTERIA: https://losteria.net/de/restaurants/restaurant/bikini-berlin/ SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OD… MY SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lukecatleugh TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LukeCatleugh BLOG: https://lukedoeslife.blogspot.co.uk FOLLOW OLLIE: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/byollieb/?hl=en
everybody welcome back to my youtube
channel I’m an Air Force I’m instructing
Air Force time this currently 622 in the
morning and I’m about to board a flight
to believe I’m really excited about this
and the colonies as parents and
breakfast things out here yeah we booked
this trip about two months ago and saw
so excited it’s finally arrives and run
sovereign and we’re here to the insiders
with no sadness and black Monday morning
super official about this is checked in
security go grab some breakfast be
really really cold and we got a lot 110
could’ve done as much as I possibly find
but yeah hope you ready for four hours
in balloon me nah leave a comment
because they’ve give us an espresso
machine have we got pods Shiva ladies
are extra oh we have four pods to – what
room boom look at this bathroom
oh this is actually ridiculous wow
that’s some pre it’s weird there’s a
little gap through the window and I’ll
feel about that let’s look at the stitch
how nice I was just about to say that’s
quite an although look at that shower
I think it’s got to head shower oh so
we’ve had a quick change choked on a
trench core because I think it’s gonna
rain hopefully fingers crossed it
doesn’t mr. Burton’s look very nice are
you ready to get out of my trench cool I
don’t have to retreat you borrow mine
let’s go
this hotel is so fun to the economy deal
the stag yes
this is really windy I’m not sure how
much of this you guys are actually going
to be able to hear but we’ve just took
some shots being Holly and now we’re
heading to the jewish memorial it’s
really windy so sorry
first of I feel many pints to come
Chim Chim mousse I believe we are proper
Germans now we have our tankard of there
and we have our curry burst with sweet
potato fries minis and a gigantic bread
basket this makes me totally happy and I
cannot wait to stuff my this very
interesting very graffiti like this is
the traditional Berlin that we came and
saw and we’re on our way to a place
called silo coffee shop is my to be very
good coffee
while she’s currently the weather we do
guys I have absolutely no words
I feel like this readjust follows me
everywhere I go but that’s fine because
we have an umbrella right so this is the
place I think we’re having dinner this
evening this is kimchi princess and it’s
been recommended by one of Ali’s friends
friends of ours foreign friends if it
looks like plastic looks very busy so
let’s go on it I don’t know what’s going
into Olli that’s just arrived at our
table you absolute booger and Albert
thank you so much oh my lord
the food has just arrived this is one of
my favorites
my initial kimchi all societies right
hello everybody good morning
so it’s the first official full day in
Berlin we woke up this morning did a
little bit of a jam sesh as he saw all
he was my personal trainer made me sweat
and now we’re heading to brunch
regarding a place called Benedict which
apparently does 24-hour brunch in Berlin
sounds delicious
and I’m really hungry I wanted some
coffee we’re just a little bit blown
away about how sparse Berlin is like we
literally just got a train from our
hotel and we still have to walk 20
minutes to breakfast Matt makes you take
London for granted Hotel breakfast yeah
that was good I like that one yeah we’ve
got a very busy jam-packed day today
we’re gonna do or see some sights to
take some photos visit the wall got the
cathedral grab some more coffee season
views it’s gonna be good
Luke’s actually done a complete
itinerary I have a spreadsheet out there
likes now let me show the spreadsheets
it’s actually ridiculous
this is what I mid-fall spreadsheet with
times and locations I mean try and be
organized manager we are a tiny bit
behind schedule but that’s fine we’ll
make a butcher smash breakfast in go
okay so this is Benedict where we’re
potentially gonna try and get breakfast
although I think it might be very busy
fingers crossed we can get a spot if not
we don’t mind waiting
good brunches was waiting for so this is
where we clean for breakfast this is
nice telescope here okay so we’ve
arrived in Maine only a fine we’re gonna
call for
what hold on it’s a Sunday I’m too busy
all day why not right here
when under the influence I have now got
an espresso martini in front of me
before midday this totally brings to
mind or drinking for material and all he
also has one – shut up – the guy behind
the bar is that you just said if you
order at breakfast you get a free coffee
so we want more coffee and so we got a
black light which is got double espresso
in which has a double espresso and
coffee liqueur suspect three amounts of
coffee and we’ve already had an espresso
miss moment that we are ready for it one
of the tiers
can we please just appreciate how good
the screen looks all my dears always
went to something Royale
eggs benedict coffee espresso martini
salad or bread baguette Litella
there’s one round a breakfast wasn’t no
we’ve decided for a second portion of
pancakes because why the hell not
these are espresso and white chocolate
pancakes and they Rock yes standard
rainy morning / afternoon in Berlin to
enforce the Reichstag building we saw
this yesterday materializes this is what
lucky was this is said racetrack though
congratulations you’ve got yourself a
no Lackey noloty okay
so we’ve just took falls at this
absolutely delightful Cathedral and I
said to Olli is very very beautiful in
person kind of romantic me the one that
was in Florence the end oh my god what
to call it yeah but it’s got the Vatican
no that’s wrong
for some Cathedral Florentine Ian
Cathedral and I’ve got a drop of water
on my lens this is going terribly oh
we’re off to oh I’m a phone’s locked
we’re off to the east side gallery let’s
go it’s officially rain and it’s
actually tripping her down I think of
the right of Autobahn traffic as photos
sorry and we’ve made it to the east side
gallery and has actually took them down
awesome we appreciate the art
nonetheless here we are very cool very
edgy what’d you think
so we’ve made it to the Zion Keisha or
kitch I think that’s how you say it
oh sorry another raindrop on the land
yeah it’s apparently how it’s really
lovely views right at the top so we’re
gonna go inside now and try and dodge
the rim let’s go okay so we’ve climbed
to the top of a really cool church it’s
called funky and it’s got some really
awesome leaves of Berlin and this came
up on a travel guide that I was reading
and it’s really understated not many
people know it’s here and you’re not
abused we were literally just over there
and this is the bling Cathedral it’s
awesome I only go back down and grab
some coffee if you guys ever go to the
cathedral slash church that we just went
to the Zion kike come to this four-door
booth that is literally just down the
street on the way to the Metro it’s two
euros to go for four tours it saw alls
but smells a bit like we we’ve got some
they’re awesome okay so we just finished
our first removal into business for 19
grams or losses called 19
19 very enslaving ground I’ll leave a
link to down below stupid ice we had a
lovely interest boss I’m off you some
cake antastic let me show you the place
this is one of like the trendy spots in
Berlin that pint is lots of like Kiwis
and stuff working here and which is
amazing lots of plants lots of coffee
and lots of cake
oh mama we have it’s so well in Berlin
mrs. crazy come for a raspberry and
lemon cheesecake and a cheesecake
himself and Holly are finishing off a
trip to Berlin with a pint of beer pizza
and the most delicious truffle pasta
their bit is always fantastic
hello everybody sort officially the deer
with flight back to the UK I’m so good
we’ve had such a good time in Berlin I’m
absolutely knackered however the time is
like 7 a.m. in the morning and I’ve just
had a shower
we’re about to catch our flight I’ll fly
it flies at 20 to 10 so we’ve got to get
to Alan T on airport but yeah I really
hope you enjoyed less than 48 hours in
Berlin we’ve had such a crazy literally
day and a half and I hope you enjoyed
the sights of Berlin everything that
we’ve done our link down below if you
find that useful if you plan that trip
yeah I literally am a bunch of space
back on the bag head off and I need some
coffee but if you enjoyed the video
don’t forget to smash that thumbs up
button it subscribe and I’ll see you
guys very very soon and future videos
bye for now