In this Berlin Food Tour, I will show you some of my places for eating in Berlin. This city has so much more to offer than Döner Kebab and Currywurst! I will introduce you to Berlin Turkish breakfast, amazing Vietnamese food, my friend’s Korean-Berlin fusion food place “Son Kitchen” and of course we’ll drop by Markthalle 9, Berlin’s most famous street food market. ► This is sponsored content! This video is sponsored by – if you are interested in learning about Germany and Berlin – this is the right place for you: ► Check out my YouTube channel for weekly food inspo: ► Become a Patron and support this channel! ❤️ ► MY NAME IS ANDONG Hey! I’m Andong, a Berlin-based food YouTuber, exploring the world in the pursuit of good food, cooking techniques and the stories behind those things. I discovered my passion for food when I lived in China. I have since returned to Germany, become a filmmaker and make weekly videos about food, culture and cooking! ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter #Germany #Berlin #FoodGuide
what’s up guys this is unknown and I
sure hope you came here hungry because
in this video I’m gonna introduce you to
some of my favorite things and places to
eat in my hometown of Berlin Germany I
think I picked pretty much the worst
possible day for this but that’s okay as
a Berliner I sure know how to handle bad
weather first things first though let’s
start with one of my favorite types of
Berlin breakfast follow me I do love
this place but it’s a little bit noisy
so easy I’m like literally the only
person who’s eating outside my bad
weather is not gonna stop me so this is
absolutely one of the best ways to start
the day for me but before I introduce
all of this deliciousness to you let me
mention one thing this video is
sponsored by darshan GE which is a
website produced in partnership with the
Foreign Office of Germany and what they
do is they teach people about German
society culture politics everything for
the past week their special topic of
interest was Berlin my hometown so they
reached out and asked me if I could
introduce you guys to some of Berlin’s
finest food which is what I’m doing so
what you guys can see here is actually
one of turkey’s most popular breakfast
items but since the 1960’s a lot of
turkish migrants have been coming to
germany by now they’re just part of life
in germany they’re part of life in
berlin for sure and they have brought
delicious food new york city might have
the bagel but berlin has the turkish
so these simit are freshly baked every
morning in fact pretty much around the
clock from what it seems like they’re
super crispy
Superfresh it’s light slightly sweet a
little bit salty and slightly nutty from
the sesame seeds and of course they come
with freshly brewed Turkish team mm-hmm
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret
normally I just drink my tea plain but
this type of tea you just have to add
some sugar that’s the way your old men
and men oh god is so good many men is
basically if the Turkish cousin of
scrambled eggs except this one is full
of tomato and peppers it’s a little bit
spicy but if you like that kind of stuff
it’s gonna be a perfect breakfast option
for you let me try a bite of the super
tomato egg mmm
oh yeah very fresh very tender – Chuck –
Chuck is a little bit similar to salami
but of course being a Turkish dish it is
made with beef rather than pork it’s
really garlicky let me give it a try
mm-hmm that’s my dose of garlic in the
so we’ve just learned how in the 1960s
migrants from Turkey came to Germany and
brought some of their delicious food
with them let me add one thing I was
talking of course about Western Germany
Germany used to be a divided country and
the government of former eastern Germany
invited workers not from Turkey but from
the socialist brother nation of Vietnam
after the Berlin Wall fell in 1990 a lot
of these Vietnamese workers went back to
Vietnam but a lot of them also stayed
behind which is the reason why we have
this amazing thriving Vietnamese
community in Berlin and also the reason
why we have so much Vietnamese food and
one of the best places to get it must
eat right here I really love this place
it feels like you’re experiencing a
little bit of Vietnam right in the
middle of Berlin people come here for
shopping for haircuts for Asian
ingredients and of course for the food
of getting really hungry and on a day
like this I know exactly what to eat so
let’s see what we got first I’m gonna
try the Hanoi style spring roll I’m
seeing a meat and vegetable filling in a
crispy rice paper wrapper deep fried of
course served with some sweet chili
sauce it looks like let me try wow wow
this is even better than I thought the
filling is really well balanced it’s not
too salty it’s not too anything you can
taste a lot of fresh herbs inside the
meat is good quality this is how a
spring roll is supposed to be
check this out write it up let me check
another bite mm-hmm mm-hmm
but now let’s move to the star of this
meal the fun wow this is topped with all
the good stuff with the fresh herbs the
fresh onion so for my first spoon let me
get a little bit of everything nice what
a deep and beefy aroma well you guys
Berlin has a lot of good Vietnamese food
but this type of quality I’m not sure if
we can get it outside of this place hmm
and now with my favorite sriracha sauce
oh there’s no such thing as too much
sriracha the bite of my dreams try some
of this bro it’s good right it’s good
I’m so glad we came here this food does
not disappoint
so you might have been wondering wait
this is a video about Berlin food where
is the do not give up where is the
country boost well I already have videos
about them I thought I’d introduce
something a little bit more low-key a
little less common to you guys but then
we ended up right here because one
polling station and this is where one of
my favorite curry was places in all of
Berlin is curry powder that’s over
hi Kelly Macdonald huachen data MIT
Britain and Italy endowment riches thank
you guys this is the classic Berlin
curry boost and curry powder which must
be one of the best places to do it it’s
super affordable you can get this for
165 only with a fresh little bun let me
just shut up and try a piece No
yeah this is it this is the classic
Berlin flavor don’t be fooled this is
not ketchup this is a special Knievel
sauce and each place has its own the
acidity of the sauce is just what you
need to cut through the rich sausage
check this out
big bites guys will bite of bread for
balance heaven all you need maybe you
want to try what is it no no it just has
a little bit of the curry note that you
want in a curry sausage you ready to
move on let’s go next station
now you might have noticed that except
for the curry bush just now most of the
food I’m introducing in this video has
some sort of international influence and
there’s a reason for that I think it’s
safe to say that Berlin is germany’s
most international minded city and that
definitely shows in the food scene a lot
of the people including me have some
sort of bicultural multicultural
background and even though they might
have grown up here in berlin they always
add a little bit of their own story into
the mix and I’m not just talking I have
a friend who does just that let me
introduce you to him if you guys
remember my kevie voice video you might
remember my friend Johan who is hiding
in his own kitchen this time
so hello everybody say hi to my buddy
Daniel Daniel Daniel this is a diner in
here at sillustani service Emma should i
cancel another most important valve in
allah these kids could be Irish bhishan
we can assure fusion kitchen
I said I wish there is a wish to get
Selena program arrested on a mission
welcome to Korea s two twists follow the
meat I’m ready mama’s cooking the visa
mom best know that he’s been gan-chan
homeless Givaudan vast consumer-facing
yeah okay i can’t wait to finally eat
the stuff because it looks amazing so
this right here my friends is the kimchi
taco I ordered one with tofu so we have
a little bit of a vegetarian option in
this video this is in fact a fresh out
of the oven baked in Berlin pita bread
and then it’s stuffed with kimchi salad
a Middle Eastern inspired sauce and of
course spicy tofu which was fried in the
kimchi brine enough with the talking
let’s try this
hmm don’t hang your daughters oh nice I
top this is amazing
there’s so much stuff just the right
amount of heat just the right amount of
flavor and a little bit of that funky
note from the kimchi yeah well but while
I can still eat let me try the kimchi
Zilla fries with beef there is so much
on top of these fries that I have to
like really work hard to find my fries
well con hot that’s my life motto mmm
mmm the fries are crunchy and perfect
the toppings are rich rich I’m trying to
find the right word here decadent just
so rich and decadent that’s exactly what
it is I mean look at this try
this is the fresh one and this is the
greasy nasty amazing one and together
they are the perfect combination you can
ever mind appreciative of a soul like
Tiffany box in the night Nets punt let’s
do it
for the speed Cruiser seda given a stack
gypsum spent work on the visuals from
the triangle pop one can see the lava
dolphin instant Smith
honestly you guys this place might be a
tiny little bit touristy but it’s still
food heaven no matter if you’re an
omnivore like me and you like some good
meat you will find the best highest
quality meat and if you’re a vegetarian
you will find some really creative and
inspiring dishes to taste here as well
and what I have here is a smoked short
rib sandwich these guys are not fooling
I saw him prepare the sandwich that meat
looked like it was about to fall apart
the moment he put it on his cutting
board I can’t wait to dig in and try
this amazing short rib burger but before
I do that I just want to say thank you
once again
Deutsche danke de for sponsoring this
video for letting me introduce Berlin’s
food culture to you guys their web site
is full of interesting content about
Berlin and about Germany it’s available
in 8 languages so make sure you go check
that one out okay but now it’s time to
dig in the moment of truth ho ho oh ho
Wow and one of the most tender bites of
meat I have ever had in my entire life
such a rich slightly smoky aroma
perfectly rounded off with that sweet
and slightly tangy barbecue sauce the
absolute juiciest meat you can imagine
but hope you want to try
you know what I think you guys should
come to Berlin and try what this city
has to offer
in terms of food because I promise you
will not be disappointed see you guys in
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