I would have never known about this place unless you know a foodie. I live with a foodie. He did his German Food and Dining homework. He said this is a “MUST SEE” place in Berlin. This is the Kaufhaus De Westens (KaDeWe) Department store in Berlin. The Biggest Department store in Europe. And it has the biggest food hall in the whole wide world. The 6th and 7th floors are entirely devoted to food, and advertisements tout the place as having two football fields of food. The 6th floor food hall is called “Delicatessen” and is famous for its wide variety of food and beverages. It has around 110 cooks and 40 bakers and confectioners supplying more than 30 gourmet counters. The top floor (added in the early 1990s) includes a winter garden with a 1000-seat restaurant surrounded by an all windowed wall offering a view over the Wittenbergplatz. The KaDeWe was near my hotel so I got there when the doors opened early in the morning and was the first one to the floor. Thus very few shoppers and less people blocking my shots. Most of the staff still seemed to be in prep mode. I almost did “Mary-Lou-Retton-back-flips-with-a-splits-on-a-landing-and-arms-in-the-air (in fast motion) down the aisle of the store when I came to the beer section. Oh Wow! My heaven would be having this food hall as my pantry. One food blogger writes: “Well the Ka De We foodhall is my Tiffany’s. It’s like the Harrods Food hall in London without the crowds. Every nook and cranny is filled with some wonderous food or ingredient that you never thought you had to have but now that you have laid eyes on it, it beckons to you like the ring to Sméagol. I could easily spend an entire day there. They have something like 3 cheese counters! Open deck fridges positively full to the brim with sausages. A walk through the coffee section sets you buzzing without even a small sip. The teas are stored in large porcelain urns. Incredible really!”