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to survive and avoid by everything that
we see so to get to mother you get off
at the Meurice past translation is the
you ate and then you follow the signs
for weight
and this is the first time do you know
what we’re doing yeah we’ll see what
so one of the things that absolutely
love about this place insane of all size
that they have and that you can use for
like fan shields or watercolors and
stop-and-wait like you can also go to
the know you can also clean them and
yeah they have all this size and like I
love using like his size for pencils and
they also have this kind of bigger
pencil cases but this one is good to put
in your bag and I bought where is that
size wait there was a small at like this
size is good like for short pastels and
south and there was another small size
but maybe they’re out which is good for
watercolors yeah it’s like the bigger
version of this one you can use for
watercolors like for a small watercolor
box so after you come in the first
temptation that you will is the pigment
and the Sakura pigment liners and they
are it’s this brand here
and they are crazy good like the super
cool pink flow and they have all colors
and it all set for the black one the
brush can you open this like the brush
tip one it’s very flexible brush tip and
the inflow this pigment liners is
amazing like I love it so much this is
the Sakura brush pigment aligner and
this is the brush tip and as you can see
like the ink flow is amazing this is
kind of dry because it’s the trial one
but ink flow is very good and the tip is
a felt tip but it has a very nice
flexibility and you can have a wide
variety of brush strokes so this one is
good and in this section over here
there are all the tumble brushes and
with different all the colors and stuff
and the tumble brushes are cool because
there are water based so you can also
melt them
the only pencil brush pen with bristle
synthetic bristles that the F is this
one which is the pocket brush and I’m
not it’s not one of my favorites because
you can’t really control the ink flow
but you know it’s very commonly used
between comic book artists so they have
it and also their DS which I mean
absolutely love with which are the
tombow calligraphy pens and they have to
kind this greenish one and this bluish
focus yeah this bluish one and this is
art tape and the other is soft tip I’m
going to show them to you okay so these
are the
I mean you don’t have the master okay
what is this I’m sorry not luck
so these are the two tombow calligraphy
pen that they have so the blue one the
art tipped one is as like yeah the art
tip one is not very flexible the ink
flow is crazy good and this is I’m using
this for writing more than drawing
because it’s kind of part I think it
depends on how like what is your end in
drawing if you have a soft hand this can
be a good choice
but since I am like a trucker I prefer
this other one the greenish one because
the tip is way more flexible so more ink
comes out of it faster and it follows
the movements of my hands better I love
this the only problem that I have with
this is that the ink is not
water-soluble so you can it’s perfect if
you want to use it for line drawing like
contour but if you want to mount it and
then they have the tombos which I’m just
gonna use this one
the tumbles are water-based so you can
use them in combination with water
brushes to add the melted effect and the
ink flow is a little bit slower because
the ink is different it’s more like
marker like and bitters like two tips
the big one and traditional small one so
after looking at the brush pens the
sketchbook section and that is when
everybody fails because like
and this is only like two sides of it
like also the I mean like surrounded by
sketchbook this is like this is a mess
we’re not gonna survive this
okay so what they have here is and this
is one of my favorite one because the
texture awesome for anybody catches soft
pencils well so you can really create
those gradients in a very very nice easy
way and they have all sizes and the
price is this sounds like this one which
is the bigger one is 12 euros 50 and the
paper is 150 grams which means that it
will soak an old one layer of watercolor
maybe two but like you can also give one
layer of color to your sketches and they
also have from animal they have this new
thing this is quite recent
it’s the tonal paper sketchbooks and
they made this great color version I try
this I did some sketches on it and the
thing is that the color is good
the tonal point is good but the paper is
very very smooth so it’s not really
ideal for the way that I tend to sketch
like it doesn’t really catches the
degree the the texture of the paper
there is no texture in the paper so
see why sketch books which are also 140
grams but here it’s neutered and animal
Allah so they are more good for all this
is a tester one they did stuff in it but
this is good for markers pigment liners
more that kind of or easy pencil
sketches this is better than like this
is more suited to that thing but also
being 140 grams it can old I think one
layer of watercolor too I’ve never tried
this so I can tell you if the watercolor
reacts they have a new brand of
why are you doing this why so now I have
to buy this because I need to review it
and to tell you something about it
because it’s 140 grams so of this No
ok so I can’t even touch the paper what
is this sorcery ok but it’s so it’s 140
grams and do they say anything sketch
pencil charcoal okay guys I’m buying
this because I want to try it and let’s
see the price so the bit oh it’s super
cheap to the youth big one it’s 10 euro
90 and small pocket one it’s five ninety
are you kidding me if the paper is good
this is awesome and this is you know
like this is the problem with modular
like you get in here and then have me
cornered or something cool but we need
to survive together to all this
yes how we survived yes yeah
let’s grab this I’m gonna find that I’m
gonna go find a basket this is how we
give up what they also avid modular that
it’s super super cool it’s that they
have basically the bone naked
sketchbooks that you can then use for
book bending so you can buy these and
then use book bending paper and create
your personalized cover the only problem
with this is that the paper is not
really that cool like it’s a good
drawing paper but it’s very smooth who
doesn’t have an interesting texture but
for writing or just you know if you want
to give a nice present
present someone this is cool and the
range of price it’s also very good so
you also have the singing :
series sketchbooks in all sizes and they
also have the art cover they have our
cover ones and very small softcover ones
and these are super nice because the
paper it’s like very high quality for
Pergamon paper what do you call it
Carter pergamon ax and wait and I need
to find a way to show to you the texture
of the paper the paper is very smooth
but it’s that kind of very silky
smoothness that it’s awesome for ink
work and it also can old a very light
layer of color because it’s very dense
the pace the mixture of the paper is
and it’s just a very nice like this one
is very rugged because it was you know
the one that you can hold and chat but
you see like you can see here the
texture of the paper it’s super nice and
this is relatively cheap like it’s five
euros so it’s not really cheap compared
to the amount of paper but it’s a very
posh kind of sketchbook they have this
small section caddy paper which is this
rack Indian paper
it’s made from rags and it’s very rough
and it’s very nice for watercolor
they’re selling it in the card section
not in the art paper section because
people use it for like special projects
or invitations and stuff but if you want
to try this paper before buying
sketchbooks or more caddy paper online
which is on sale online because they
imported it from England you can come
here and just buy one sheet which is
when you’re 40 and you can try it and
see if you like it and it’s not they
don’t have the array of products that
you will find in a fine art store but
that’s some very cool thing like this
they have the rubber castle series of
art things and upper floor they also
have the artistic pastels but you’re on
the ground floor you can find my beloved
polychromos I’m absolutely in love with
these pencils they have an incredible
array of colors and the pigment in the
pencil is awesome I’m going to show it
so these are the the polygamists you’ve
seen them in a lot of my life streaming
and videos because I really love them
and they’re very soft pigmented pencils
they’re not water soluble but they are
oil-based pencils and they’re very good
because they’re not dried are very very
soft oily and you can layer them a lot
even different colors and it really it
takes a while for them to saturate the
paper because the pigment is so strong
so these are very like if you like
drawing with colored pencils not the
either you use the water soluble ones
because they’re soft or you can go in
this direction and they are 165
which is brand in cartridge 4 which is
quite cool the friends that is this one
I can’t really read that they also have
Hujar and cleaner and then they have
cartridge in a lot of colors so if
you’re a person that loved to use
fountain pens and with different colors
they have a wide array of choice here
they’re glamming and then they have of
course Windsor Newton the traditional
ink set and they have also this is yeah
this is a Colleen like watercolor ink
and also the huge bottles and oh my god
this is just so so pretty like oh my god
I love this and the cool thing about
modular is that they also have all sort
of art illustration books like this one
that you have this lightweight that’s
yeah so you can oh we have a third color
that’s so cool
I love this place so we’re leaving the
bottom drum floor and we’re going
upstairs where there’s a lot of cool
paper and stuff and paper and
watercolors and colors and so also
frames if you need frames upstairs they
have all the brushes behind nice cases
there some of the DaVinci version I
can’t understand I think this is the
natural bristle one version of the one
that I usually use in synthetic crystal
version but they have a lot of different
kind this is devil the decoration kind
of brushes
and you know acrylic flat brushes never
a decent assortment and they said they
are upgrading their brush section so
probably in the future you would find
even more but they own their this is a
nice selection of brushes and they also
have these awesome brush holders like
the bamboo the bamboo brush holders can
you open this
and I’m use I’ve been using this for
years and you just put your brushes in
there and cysts it’s like bamboo they
can dry up very nicely and then you
don’t go into the tips and then you just
roll it up super nice and it’s quite
cheap and they also have this these are
so pretty
I just I’m in love with this kind of
brush like the static of it it’s just
beautiful so I left of all area at the
brush because she decided by one and
she’s waiting for the clerk to get it so
I’m here in the sketchbook section and
I’m just going to show you what kind of
sketchbooks and scatter pants they have
so starting from here we have the brown
paper sketchbooks and I really like this
craft paper one it’s I really like this
paper and it’s good with ink and they
also have tonal paper sketchbooks
they have the price range it’s always
with this kind of sort of self branded
sketchbooks that they have the price
range is always very honest they what do
they have here of course my beloved yeah
this is 190 grams nostalgia natural
white it’s super smooth so not for me
they have this universal block also very
smooth and I’m not saying that smooth
paper it’s bad it’s just that I’m not
very fond of it so those have dollar
running sketchbooks this is brain thin
which is a good texture to me and again
the price range is very good it’s 200
grams so it can old
layers of watercolor with no problem
it’s not watercolor paper but if you
want to add color you can and Manila
paper look I have two kids so you bought
it yeah this is like I think that this
is like the new version of the ones that
I have these are synthetic bristles with
this very nice Japanese style thing and
it’s black and I’m kind of mad oh but
this is
I won this now but I won’t buy it
because I’m I’m trying to be like I’m
trying I’m trying to be an example here
this is this should be a Survival Guide
we should stop buying things okay so I
was showing the schedules so yeah here
more sketchpads
you really have like wide choice so you
can really come here they always have
the master check for the red dot which
means that it’s the one that you can
touch and check and draw and see if you
like it which is a very nice thing to do
so you can come here and just touch them
so yeah now we’re here because they also
sell empty boxes for watercolours and
these are never cheap this is something
that like the day that I find someplace
where to sell these for cheap like the
smaller one it’s 12 euros the big one
its 1750 and this is the price range
like I can never find them at last but
something to that they have is like
older fellows and like especially I like
this the porcelain flower palette and
using porcelaine instead plastic or
watercolor or
I really like usually I like to do the
colors inside the metal and it’s very
nice because yeah there are all kinds
pallets and for I was talking about this
this morning during class this is like a
block of paper to use like palette paper
and it’s very environmental friendly
because it’s not nice to drain your
acrylics to wash like your acrylics in
the sink and just let the color go into
the drain is not very ecological so it’s
better if you use a critic buy these and
then throw it in the trash or in the
plastic because it’s so glass so this is
and they all serve the vegan polite and
the plastic Paolo
this is the paper section the watercolor
paper section dabba throwers with all
the big sheets that you can buy
individually or those big sheets there
and they have a lot of course of funny
moolah paper
Germany and then they also have all
these blocks and I’m gonna do I’m gonna
do a quick round and show you the
different kind of animal paper that has
I’m very fond of animal paper so these
are all the kind of free single sheets
an amulet paper that I have no such
service be nice they have the bamboo
paper bamboo paper is like it says on
the tin this paper made from bamboo so
it’s kind of like it’s a little bit of
an upgrade from cellulose paper so it’s
good for like I’ve tried it with
watercolor I’m not really fond of it
because the way that it had service
color it’s not compatible with the way I
paint but I have some friends that they
use it for mixed media and stuff and
they love it and it’s like the price
range is decent and it’s this one duck
one it’s I don’t really I know like I
haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know
maybe the texture is nice it’s kind of
the same texture as the is Lisa master
so let me see if the back yeah it’s like
the Britannia paper where the texture is
art hot pressed only on one side and the
other side is completely smooth and this
is the way you can tell like industrial
hottest texture on paper rather than the
you know traditional handmade or you
know paper made with
how’d you call them you know the cooler
paper that’s the way I’m gonna explain
this this is another kind of watercolor
paper maybe today I’ll buy a little bit
of all these papers and then I’ll do a
review about them let’s go the other
ways people they also have easels if you
like them so here they have this this is
the torsion and I really like torsion
texture see it’s the Sun is that full
right now I really like this texture and
especially to work with the dry brush
and leave like the pattern and I can
also and then here Britannia it’s like
it’s my favorite which is my favorite
kind of paper I really really love the
texture because it also almost looks
like canvas sort of texture like very
squared and regular and I kind of like
it and also I found that here upstairs
that uh they have the big shades of
candy paper which is crazy expensive as
was expected but if you so you can buy
it’s the same paper that I showed you
before downstairs so if you want to try
it maybe it’s better to buy one of the
smaller sheets there and then if you
really like it you can buy one of these
bigger ones they don’t have sketchbook
or I haven’t seen them
so upstairs they also had this
watercolor of specific sketchbooks and
this is the new animal a watercolor book
what about a sketchbook line and as you
can see also from the prices this is
like the animal alternative to mollusk
in sketchbooks
and I still have to try this
but knowing an amulet it’s like recently
had a lot of problems with the mollusk
in watercolor sketch books they had
their I think they’ve changed the paper
like it sucks me maybe I’ve seen it in
other videos that I was like putting the
color and it didn’t even stick on the
paper like it was full of oily prints
like but this paper like it’s always the
light kind 200 grams kind of sketch
paper but looks decent
I won’t buy this today but I want to try
this for you in the future and let you
know how it is I have one of these at
this brand Kristin pepper watercolor
sketch book that I still have to try so
I’ll try this and maybe I’ll buy later
one of these and let you know and what
what are you old thing why why are you
old in there
so we remember that we had watercolors
and a water brush with us so we have a
I will set a master of this so we’re
testing these two sketchbooks the
twisting paper and the animal there now
very quickly I’m just gonna do my a
quick test the ultramarine blue because
ultramarine is a granulated color so
it’s a good color to test paper texture
ready come on
this doesn’t look nice like it’s already
but it’s that page maybe it’s something
on the brush okay no like if this is
really our this let me try
maybe the brush was too dirty okay
because it looked very airy yeah no look
how stripe it is even if I move my color
fast like okay yeah it’s very light
paper this is good just for one layer
watercolor with some highlights I don’t
think it’s old a second layer
okay as usual always believers let me
see them yeah also with the dry brush
now this is a and this is a nice texture
because this is the texture of old
Fabriano paper so it’s nice but the the
paper is only 35 percent cotton and with
this thickness it’s not really enough to
old watercolor in a nice way so I think
the animal the one it’s better so I just
realize that I have a lot of watercolor
paper in Milan oh yeah and so I’m gonna
be a smart person and just wait two days
this is the watercolor section I’m gonna
show it to you now so these are the
brands that they have and what her color
is not a wide range but it’s a decent
one they have the pebble which is a low
budget watercolor which is good for
beginners they have this this is like
the perfect starting set for beginners
and it’s something special offer so it’s
like super cheap like usually it’s 15
euros for tea and now it’s just 13 euros
10 and so for country in euros this is
the knob professional version is the
count man winter a new tone range of
watercolors and they are like disease
what I’ve been telling all my students
when they start doing watercolors the
only thing that I tell is that the only
downside of this watercolor set is that
it comes with the white which is
pointless because in the moment that you
use white with watercolor it becomes
squash it’s not pure water color anymore
so I always tell my students by these
take out the white and put paints way
instead of the white because now there’s
using the list of colors but I like
there is like lemon yellow cadmium
yellow cadmium orange permanent rose
ultramarine blue ocean blue SAP green
emerald green ochre burnt sienna burnt
umber and you need paints gray they’re
not white but the thing is that they
don’t sell a single continent they only
sell the single pans for Adam which I
never write and then they sell single
pans of the beautiful amazing white
nights if you’re interested in this is a
Russian brand the Sun Peters book White
Nights and as you can see they are crazy
cheap this is a full good day not an
alpha today and the price for one full
go day is 270 which is very very good
price I did a review about these
watercolors it’s on my channel I’m gonna
link it down below so you can check it
out and they also sell the set Y nights
the big it’s this is 12 forged a set for
40 euros plus the metal box and if you
consider that the metal box that I
showed you before
empty is
like okay so these are not because they
look like so here didn’t have a lot of
water brushes but they have the water
brush I’m gonna do a review this month
about water brushes is gonna be a live
streaming again because today we’re
using Valerius camera because she has
memory and battery and all the things
that I don’t app now I still have to buy
a camera support my pattern if you want
more videos and if you want me to buy a
decent video camera to make these videos
for you but here they have this which is
the weight this this is the Pentel water
brush and I tried a lot of water brushes
I don’t want to spoil spoil my review of
water brushes but this is the best just
buy this and
the water flow is amazing the synthetic
crystal tape is just so good and they
have different size and I suggest to buy
the round tip bigger one but I think
they’re out of it now the end these
brushes they cost like around six euros
one but they last forever and I just
love them okay this is the final stop
if you survive this you’re free to leave
this place this is just paper everywhere
any kind of paper like if that’s named
cardboard random fluorescent paper
because of plastic and transparent for
S&P I’m bumping into things and again
moving paper and okay this is where I
wanted to take you they had canceled
okay they’re the council I can’t really
pronounce this Nita you speak French or
do you pronounce this whatever my teens
and these are the cans on paper for
artistic pastels and they are just the
best paper for artistic pasta they had a
very cool texture it’s not too much not
too little they have a very wide range
of colors
have some fries or some neutral tones
you see it’s like all of this like from
here all of this is the cans on pastel
paper so they really have a wide range
all the Browns and no it’s not here wait
where is it I wanted to show you the
moon and this is my favorite paper this
is so good for book bending because you
can use it right here capacitor so you
can mold it it’s awesome okay it’s time
to go
are we ready okay your basket is not
that could have been a very expensive
exam this is just very expensive brush
that exempt okay so now we’re gonna go
back downstairs because after if you go
round and round and you survivin you try
not to buy everything that you’ve seen
you go downstairs to the cashiers and of
course on the way to the cash register
there’s wait where is the dumpsters
there is a ton a ton of pretty things
okay we are on our way to the cash
register and as you can see
it’s just pretty stuff like look at this
color all the tape and the light boxes
this is cheap frames the bags for things
and Mark pretty paper everything on your
way to the cash register so it’s almost
we all survived we’re gonna pay and then
say goodbye so we paid one last thing
that I want to show you before we leave
is that after you get out of the
cashiers there is this section where you
can cut use the super professional
cutting table and then packing station
plastic and everything which is very
very useful and helpful and I just love
this place so now I’m gonna retrieve my
coat from here
thank you no need to see me tweeting oh
my coat okay so let’s just say goodbye
now so what can we say this is the
Emily it’s not that so bye
so I hope this whole adventure was now
some teens who approach this you to shop
and get out