Catch the pulse of Berlin’s art scene in galleries, streets…everywhere. Berlin is a magnet for artists fromall over the world. There literally is enough room for experimentation and innovation and the rents for it are quite cheap. The district around the Auguststrafze is lined with galleries. The city is packed with museums, but you could even declare a Berlin wall to your own canvass or the Berlin Wall. You can find art everywhere as a graffiti on the walls, in galleries, of course. You can even find some art in artist’s flats because due to the lack of space, they sometimes even open their private space for their own exhibitions, or in shops, parking lots. Looking for a good gallery in Berlin? Just follow the banana. There is an artist from Cologne, who whenever he comes across a gallery that he likes just spray paints the banana on its wall. Just his personal sign of recommendation. Let’s take a look. “We have specialized over the last 15-16 years in expressive realism painting at the core Bernard Heisig who is the most important artist in our gallery. All german artists and mostly, without being political, artists that came from the East.” And every couple of months there is a festival, the so-called Ungan [sp} where all the galleries are open together. Or you enter a gallery with the title like deschlef. “I paint and I make objects. I am letting myself be inspired, having a look. There are different influences here. A lot of people come here who are not from Berllin and bring all sorts of currents with them. Well, I have to say what really interests me is realistic painting.” And the woman who did the elephant, who knitted it, I have seen more work of hers in that book. If you want to mingle with the artists outside the galleries, you might just find they are in all the cafasin [sp] bars lined up along the Auguststrafze, (Unclear German names) Fast Food. My name is Dorthe Eickelberg, showing you Berlin.