this is raw at the moment, MUST EDIT B Chill Season 1 How to build a Chrome Extension: Episode 6: How to track URL change events (tabs strategy) Episode 7: How to store data ( This is my journey on how to build a Chrome Extension. I have no experience building Chrome Extensions this my first time, I thought It might be interesting to research the whole process. I plan to make a live video every day building this chrome extensions as tools I need. I am also a Ruby on Rails Developer looking for work in Berlin. most wanted features: – 1 button close all windows 1 button reload session – 1 extension to report time active/idle by URL/domain – URL(last actieURL) idle timestamp*( – system idle time) most probably these will be open source projects. — This is for my personal research for the moment probably a course will be made out of this, and other related videos. The live show is sometimes public, than the video is made private, until it is ready for release. The release plan of the public course is somewhere in the future. B Chill Season 1 Building a Chrome Extension Episode 1 Stream setup 🙂 Mostly planning and streaming setup Episode 2 Getting Started guide from Google Episode 3 Getting started guide from Google – continued – Researching posible solutions (done:) – complete the guide ( (researched:) – using API to store URLs – using API to store update active URL Timestamps Episode 4 Prototype URL change event Practical: Research Prototype URL change event Learning: from to Future 3 remix / extend open source Chrome Extension saka – already a great tool – tools StyleGuides Documentation – – 4 create style guide frontend documentation – create a style guide using zeroheight + storybook + ES6 Framework Streaming SEO Tool suggestion: Music attributions: AI generated copyright free music if anybody knows better free copyright music without words please leave a comment.