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I told
so I think I made it to the rack
platform I’m here at the International
and train station that in Amsterdam
Central and to ask a few people in what
to do so I have no etiquette I was doing
and everyone spoke to it feeling it
English never was really helpful so I
think I’ve made it my train should
arrive in about 10 minutes so hopefully
it does and then hopefully I’ll be in
Berlin in the six and five hours
so to the Lin I checked into my hotel
about an hour ago
I think the LD and done a bit of a
grocery shop because I realized I’ve
been spending way too much money on food
so far and I really need to come back so
luckily in this muscle I have table
kitchen facilities but yeah this is me
in the middle of Ellen
so for some reason I woke up really
really early here in Berlin um so I’m
gonna make some lunch in a minute I’m
gonna make some sandwiches to take with
me today so I don’t have to spend too
much money on food and ich haben einen
up Phil can you tell I want German
mothers in primary school
get some smoothies
ramp it up
so yesterday I decided that I’d seen
enough of Berlin and I wanted to
continue my German adventures in Bavaria
so this morning at 4 o’clock in the
morning I woke up checked out of my
hotel and I jumped on a train to Munich
and I’ve decided that I’m going to spend
the next five days traveling from Munich
to Frankfurt and I’m kind of following
like the what they call the Romantic
Road and I’ll be spending each night for
five days in a different barbarian town
so today I am here in Munich and I
decided not to check out the city center
because there’s not that much ever they
want to see this and instead I’m in a
little place called jet gem oh I’m not
quite sure actually put it in the screen
but um yeah I was staying in this little
hostile it’s literally in the middle of
it has a Irish pub with it so apparently
like that night it gets really busy and
like lots of locals come and hang out
here but you know I’m just going for a
little walk right now and it is like
absolutely beautiful like I’m in the
forest it’s so lovely just going for a
apparently there’s like a lake up ahead
so I’m just going to spend the rest of
my day
getting lost in nature doing what I do
best as a dirty
and animate the bad dates so I have no
idea where this end of L doesn’t feel
like the safest obstructions to be
standing on but check out the view
I know it’s like an incredibly cliched
thing to say but nothing compares to
spending a day in nature and I’m so glad
I did this today instead of going into
Munich City but it is not four o’clock
and the Sun is supposed to set at 4:20
so here I’ve been out here for two and a
half hours and I now have 20 minutes to
try and get back before it’s dark so
we’ll see how I go I’m jeanna visitors
about 50 of
Oh subsided right now
I’m Olivia
oh my god this people
so this morning I jumped on a
two-and-a-half-hour train from Munich to
loosen and I’ve made it and it is
incredible check that out is like
castles and stuff behind me it’s like
crazy cool here I’m just kind of
exploring for the next four hours or so
until I can chip in to my hostel here in
the trouble is it’s my time of the month
and I cannot find a public bathroom
anywhere so wish me a lot guys
how incredible is this
July my homemade band-aid can’t find
band-aids anywhere at supermarket so I
wrapped a panty liner around my finger
with some plastic bags that it doesn’t
stick to everything um I’m so
resourceful I know but I’m just drinking
awesome smoothies now I’m at the train
station waiting for x-ray into my next
barbarian town which is going to be
rotten bag um I believe
so this is my epic total feed this is
just put one most amazing gradients I
bought in bulk I guess
so I’ve got salad I’ve got clone and
tomatoes about fake carrots with hummus
some bread rolls and a little nice
bulgur wheat salad but can’t wait to get
stuck into places of this
and website number two happening
certainly not as pretty as the first one
but you know I’m hungry and blood rogue
cops are the best thing ever
so I really suck at reading Maps but I
don’t even care that I’m not starting
out because it feels like I’m in a
fairy tale
probably like can’t tell too well but
there is an incredible view at via and
then check out what’s behind me we’re
going to scroll up there that I’m
determined to get on camera let me sign
up tree and if you guys can see this but
it is
just brought this delicious life who
began bed it’s so still me
so I literally just missed my train to
the next town by like five minutes and a
little bit bummed but I only have to
wait an hour which is okay and I have
this sandwich it is an epic vegan motoki
sandwich that I made with fresh bread
from a Baker’s bakery and vegan turkey
that I found at the supermarket so
cannot wait to jump on the train and get
to both better captures my next city
so I’ve woken up here in Vosburgh I’ve
got some smoothies for breakfast
I’m absolutely living off these things
they are so good but I’m a bit
disappointed the main reason I came to
this town was to see the Marienburg
fortress but unfortunately yesterday and
today it’s raining and it’s way too
funny you can’t see anything so I’m not
going to make it which really sucks so
I’ve decided that in about an hour I’m
going to jump on a train to Princeton
and I’m gonna check out Frankie instead
I did manage to see the town square
yesterday and go to some Christmas
markets which were nice and I did find a
vegan bakery so I might stop in there on
my way to the train station but I’ll see
you guys in practice check out this bad
I am so in love with Frankfurt like
there’s all these traditional buildings
and there’s modern buildings parked over
there just so beautiful so my friend
just had to die around 37% and I have no
idea so I’ve had an incredible past week
here in Germany but I have decided that
I’m going to try out a new country
tomorrow I’m not sure I’m going to go to
Austria or France well that’s what I’m
thinking at the moment I guess we’ll see
how I feel in the morning very
spontaneous what makes cloud yeah I hope
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