Berlim é uma cidade sofrida pelas guerras que passou mas sobreviveu e com a força do seu povo foi capaz de dar a volta por cima e hoje ser uma das cidades mais incríveis do nosso planeta. #berlim #berlin #loucoporviagens ———————————————————————————————————- • Inscrevam-se no canal e ativem as notificações! • Email comercial: Me acompanhe também nas redes sociais: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Quer viajar comigo? Confira a minha agenda de grupos: Acesse Visite nosso Blog: Camisetas do Louco:
I always wanted to visit Berlin,
perhaps for its strength and its grit,
for rising back again after so many wars.
Wars that affected other European cities,
and when you visit them you
hear about World War I and World War II.
But Berlin also experienced the Cold War,
something that happened in my lifetime,
that I’ve learned about in school,
that I’ve followed up,
so much so that on November 9, 1989
I remember to be watching TV and hear…
“Berlin Wall has fallen down.”
So much history, and as I mentioned before,
so many stories of overcoming adversities,
which is exactly what brought me here.
I’m gonna start my tour in one of the
most central sites of the city.
Berlin, as a capital city, differs a little
from other capital cities across Europe,
for they normally have a historical city center,
while Berlin has a number of different sites
that one can visit while downtown,
one of them being Alexanderplatz,
which is from where I am
speaking right now.
Here you’ll find the TV Tower, as you can see
behind me, with its 368 meters high.
It was once the most important sovietic symbol,
from the communist period of the city.
It was built during the separation period,
in which the soviets decided to build something
that would truly impress, so that anyone who
saw it from the other side of the city
would think: “What a great symbol,
what tremendous power the soviets have”,
and so it was built.
But there are stories that if we
don’t see with our own eyes,
or in the images that we are bringing to you,
you would think it not to be true.
When I first saw it I thought
“No, this can’t be true. It just can’t.”
Picture this: a soviet state in power here.
Communism allows no religion,
religion does not exist inside communism, right?
And so they built this tower,
and in a specific time of the day,
when the sun is shinning,
can you imagine what image takes form
in that round part on top of the tower?
A cross!
You heard it right, folks, a cross.
So everybody on the western part of the city could
see this big cross on the communist side.
Some say it is the pope’s revenge
for the persecution of christians in USSR,
while others believe it was the strong faith of the christians that made such phenomena come to be.
As I said before, it’s the sort of story that
you’ll only believe if you see it for yourself.
After I came to Berlin I sorted out quite
a number of sites for us to visit,
we are making a very nice series
of videos about the city,
but there are three specific places
that I really want to visit.
If I can’t see everything I have to see,
at least these three I must see!
The very first one of them is right over there,
which is this great clock, also from the soviet era,
that shows time in 148 cities
across the world.
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Berlin surprised me!
I thought that once I got here I would see
only but sites related to the war,
but in the way between Alexanderplatz
and Museum Island,
I came across the world’s largest
cylindrical aquarium.
It holds merely 1 million liters of water,
at 27 degrees Celsius,
being home to 1,500 fish
from 230 different species.
It is 25 meters high and is protected by
a 32cm thick glass fiber cylinder,
being completely terrorist-atack-proof.
Such an interesting building
not only for fish lovers,
but also architecture and engineering enthusiasts,
it’s totally worth the visit.
There’s a lift right over there,
that I’ll be taking very shortly,
and it goes all the way up the aquarium.
But if you want to have a different view
of the building, of its exterior,
you can book a room in the Radisson Blu hotel,
that is right next door.
Actually, the aquarium is located
in the hotel’s reception hall,
so you can book yourself a room
with a view to the aquarium.
Quite interesting architecture that
was created here in this hotel.
Now, if you don’t want to stay in the hotel
nor buy yourself a ticket for the lift,
you can go inside the Radisson Blu
reception hall and go to the bar,
treat yourself with some wine,
coke or a cup of coffee,
and enjoy this lovely view.
Nothing beats a good walk around Berlin,
specially in a nice day like today.
Have a look how short are the distances
between our sites of interest,
Alexanderplatz is back over there,
the Radisson Blu hotel with
its cylindrical aquarium is right here,
and I am now crossing a bridge, you can
see the Spree river right beside me.
There’s another bridge further ahead,
crossing another section of the river,
and in between there’s an island,
commonly known as Museum Island.
The first bridge leads to Berlin’s Cathedral,
which is of Lutheran faith
a marvelous building that was finished
in 1905 and is certainly worth a visit.
Wilhelm II is regarded as responsible for raising
this cathedral, and he was very fond of music,
which is why the acoustic of the place
is nothing short to perfection.
Have a look on the pipe organ
that we can find here.
Berlin exhales the history of World War II.
This memorial marks the exact place
where a group of young men protested against
a Nazi piece of propaganda in 1942.
Around 30 men were later executed in that same
year, most of them killed by guillotine.
As I mentioned before, this place where
I’m at is called Museum Island,
where you’ll find five of Berlin’s
most important museums,
such as the Altes Museum,
which means the “ancient museum”,
the Neues Museum, a more recent one,
where you’ll find egyptian art,
and the Pergamon Museum,
the most visited of them all.
Still part of the complex, there’s also the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Bode Museum.
I’m now leaving Museum Island and heading
to my next challenge here in Berlin,
which will be a gastronic challenge.
I’m gonna try a dish that is known as “currywurst”,
which is a sausage seasoned with curry.
It is said to be Berlin’s most
traditional dish,
and I’ll be trying it in a very traditional
place as well, called Curry 61.
Walking around town, it’s easy to realize just
how popular this Berlinese delicacy is.
On my way to Curry 61 I had to stop
in this alley right here,
I found it by accident,
it’s called Haus Schwarzenberg
and it’s just beside a coffee shop called
Café Cinema, you can see it over there.
The alley is a cultural center, it has a number of
museums and coffee shops, like Café Cinema,
I’m gonna walk in and you’ll see a huge
number of graffiti paintings,
something very typical of Berlin.
A great spot for you to stop by
and visit while in the city.
Finally, I’ve arrived here in Curry 61,
and their specialty here is a skinned sausage.
They have it with and without the skin, and the
skinned one looks like a battered sausage,
so now I’m gonna try this Berlinese delicacy.
Now is the moment of truth. I’ve ordered the most traditional one, with the skin and curry ketchup,
let’s see what this mix is all about.
Very tasty!
But I really do mean it!
The meat is delicious. The curry is not that strong,
I think the ketchup overpowered it a little,
but it tastes really good.
Totally worth it, folks, if you’re ever in Berlin…
…come and check the “currywurst”!
Just for a change, I’m speaking with my mouth full,
you folks already know how I am.
So please excuse me, as I’ll be eating
what’s left of my “currywurst”.
I think there’s no need for me to say if I liked it or not,
it’s pretty telling as I ate the whole thing.
The mix of ketchup and curry is truly tasty,
also the mayo, I dind’t expect it to be this good.
Now, it’s time for us to visit one of
the greatest sites of Berlin,
an icon of peace for the city,
which is the Brandenburg Gate.
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