Julia explores the Art movement that grew in Berlin after the fall of the iconic Berlin Wall. http://www.youtube.com/RoughGuidesTV
in my view Berlin is one of the best
cities because it’s got everything we’re
looking for history culture and a
24-hour party scene just two hours away
from London it’s been reborn as a
capital city the major sides of Berlin
include Brandenburg Gate built to
celebrate Prussian military supremacy
the Berlin Wall of course erected
overnight in 1961 to separate East from
West and the holocaust memorial that was
completed in 2005
it’s a city that’s been at the epicenter
of two world wars and the Cold War here
there’s another side to Berlin what
there is a way down by history there’s a
wild autistic but ye Myint side shall
have naked saunas
and nights and judy’s cabaret and that’s
the Berlin that I intend to find out to
live for the next 24 hours perfect for a
weekend break or a longer trip there is
loads to do here if you want history and
culture it’s all around you but for me
Berlin is about something more
alternative and for that i’m heading
into what used to be the Jewish quarter
in East Berlin to visit the co-op took
art studio taxes after the wall came
down in 1989 a subculture of free
expression and spontaneity grew here
building in Berlin but just 17 years ago
it was a squat building was due to be
knocked down by definition had already
begun and then a group of rebellious
artists moved in claiming it has an
historical landmark
ruling is still sanic which just goes
through the novel artists laser bunnies
it’s absolutely covered in works of art
and as an open studio the artists are
still hard at work as you wander around
anyone could just drop in now this must
be quite an inspiring space to work in
you obviously want people to come in
here to buy your art but is it an
invasion sometimes if you’re in the flow
of something creative well it depends
sometimes the house doesn’t belong to us
sometimes the house belongs to the
Taurus you having a good time but these
all these I mean they’re for sale you
want to sell them so you need ppl I tell
them yeah I might turn them how much is
that one over there that I like Oh on
the right what kind of shoes you win ok
I’ve got trainers on yeah that’s not
much that then would be like 350 350
years back see I like it for that I like
it chop chop chop or as you would say
schnell schnell it’s Boris Becker