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Hello friends
Welcome to the new episode of Marathi Beyond Limits
My name is Suyog also know as ‘The Fun Indian Guy’
Today we are in the capital city of Germany, Berlin
Marathi Beyond Limits
In this video we will be exploring four important places in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate,
Holocaust Memorial,
The Berlin Wall,
and Reichstag, The German Parliament
It’s a fresh morning, I just took a shower
It’s Maharastrian New Year Today
So I wish you all a Happy New Year
I have picked this particular spot for my Berlin tour
Because this structure was built in 1788
It’s called Brandenburger Tor or Brandenburg Gate
Tor mean Gate in German
and this Gate has awful lot of things in its lifetime
such as World War, Political revolutions, hence i picked this spot for our tour
so in 19th century when Napoleon attacked Berlin
and captured it
he marked his victory by moving that statue from the gate
and placed in the garden of Paris
he later lost a battle with Berlin and statue was moved back to its original place
So whether its Napoleon or the Second World War or even Cold War
Berlin saw a lot of events
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Today we will collect the details of these events
Berlin was the Epicentre of the Second World War
Because ‘The One Who Must Not be Named’ hailed from Berlin
His headquarter was in Berlin
He acted from Berlin and thousands of Jews were put to death here
And to pay Homage to all those people this Holocaust memorial was built
We at the memorial now
It’s designed by Peter Eisenman
Basically a lot of slabs are arranged here which look like graves
and as you walk through it
the ground gets lower and slabs higher at a point where you are covered its shadow
it reminds you the atrocities that the Jews faced here
This episode is getting very serious
Let’s change mood by a visit to ‘The Berlin Wall’
We are at The Berlin Wall you can see it behind me
During the cold war, Berlin was divided into two parts
The East Side and The West Side
In the west there was France, England and America
and in the west there was The Soviet Union
That’s when the wall was built, as a partition
The wall was torn down in 1990 when the War ended
But a tiny parts of the wall is still preserved
You one of these parts behind me
It’s called the East Side Gallery
because world’s biggest graffiti artists have worked on this wall
Berlin was ruled by many countries
That’s why people from different parts of the world settled here
Till now Berlin is the most International city I have ever lived in
I have been staying here for almost a year now
and due to this International culture
you come across different cuisines, music, art and even technology
just like how India is diverse in its content, Berlin has its own diversity
We are standing at The German Parliament
Actually, I messed up a little
I wanted to shoot this video in that Garden
But its closed for maintenance
So I apologise for this choice of angle, Anyway
During the Second World War 90% of the Berlin buildings were damaged
This building was one of them
The dome at the top was badly damaged
So after the Second World War and the Cold War
they started mending this place
during which they made the dome transparent
this was a message, any tourist or a local fellow can enter the dome
and see the parliamentary proceedings
and see how a transparent and open nation is formed
Anyway, that’s all for this episode guys
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