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We are in Berlin and today we’ll talk to you about activities that you have to do in the city
From historic or artistics stuff
to atypical places and shopping spots, you’ll know everything to enjoy this city !
On the museum island, 2 things to do :
Bode’s Museum and the dome where you have a great view for the outside
Near by Brandenburg Gate, you have the Holocaust Memorial,
great for historic’s memories and to play at hide-and-seek
She will never find me!
Well, you didn’t looking after me…
Art takes a really important place in Berlin,
you can have street-art or contemporary galleries
So keep your eyes open !
While Pauline is eating kebabs and currywurst,
i’m visiting Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin’s contemporary museum
If you love shopping, Berlin is your city !
You can have big mall like here in Kadewe
with the last floor full of food
or you have concepts stores everywhere in the city
or also vintage’s stores.
In Berlin, everyone has his own style
and it’s really trendy to wear vintage’s clothes.
Humana is a big cheap shop on 4 floors.
It’s a must in Berlin :
taking a picture of you inside a photobox. It’s only 2€ and it’s great and trendy souvenirs !
And if you are looking for more calm activities, you have a lot of parks and nature everywhere in Berlin !
Like here at Tier Garden, where you can also drive boats !
There is also a lot of atyical things to do in Berlin,
like here at Mount Mitte,
a mix between adventure park and tree climbing
Swing in Mount Mitte !
So you now know everything to enjoy Berlin, this city is amazing !
Byyyyye !