Here is our Berlin City Guide with everything to get up to if you have 24 or 48 hours in the city. Today we will be sharing with you everything to see and do during a 24 hour visit to Berlin! We visited museum island, Berlin monument, tried some of that world famous beer and flew a helicopter over the city! If there are spots we are missing it may have been because we did visit Berlin 2 years ago, see what we got up to here: Helicopter Tour with Air Service Berlin – Where we stayed – Where we get our incredible music from: (— you can also sign up and get a month free of royalty free Travel Vlog & YouTube music Gear we shot this video with – SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS AN EPISODE: —————————————-­­– FLYING THE NEST: Website • Facebook • Twitter • Snapchat • STEPHEN: Instagram • Twitter • JESS: Instagram • Twitter • —————————————­­– Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!! We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest. —————————————-­­– End credit song: Ticky Tacky by Biocratic: —————————————-­­– For list of full Camera Equipment we use – Video Edited on Gigabyte Aero 15:
can I have a omelette with all veggies
please thank you so much this looks good
though you do pretty good job good
morning everybody how you guys doing
today welcome back to Berlin if you
missed yesterday’s video we did a food
tour Berlin but today we thought we give
you a bit of a city vibe yes got some
places to see it maybe a little bit of
adventure if the weather holds
the cold chill continues here in Berlin
but I must say guys do the public
transport when you hear it’s quite cheap
and it’s so unbelievable especially if
you get the Welcome card here comes the
doo-doo-doo-doo it’s our first offer is
probably gonna butcher this name
Alexanderplatz it’s like a bit of a
you got some shops here we stayed here
the last time we were in Berlin it’s a
really central location you can head to
a lot of different sites to see around
Berlin but also it’s in front of the TV
tower if you’re wondering whether we’re
going up there you might just want to
wait till later on on the other side of
the things we’re going to get a better
view of the land later on I’m trying to
teach Jess direction
I got nowhere yeah my life is gone rain
another song stuck out the weather here
is so confusing but because it is a
little bit rainy we decided to come down
to the water move across this bridge you
get to museum island and that’s made up
of five different museum all like a
little island and I thinking you’re
going to new museum right
yes because that’s like the human
artifacts museum and it has Queen
Nefertiti is anything in the patina
if it’s Heidi and like some Egyptian
stuff it has like artifacts from like
human caveman times
so currently on museum Island there’s an
absolutely breathtaking Cathedral is
here perfect place for a picnic the
whole reason we’re here is because it’s
meant to be terrible weather and we got
here and all the sun is shining but I
still want to go in there because last
time we came here we had a little picnic
on museum Island remember yeah with
clear this time we will actually go
inside one and check it out
so the Pergamon that’s the one that
everyone says is the most beautiful but
they’re currently renovating it
so you easier apparently that renovation
is gonna be going on for quite a few
years however you can still go inside it
so the main like exhibit to come and see
in the new museum is the bust of
Nefertiti so German explorer actually
found her in Egypt and brought it here
there’s a lot of controversy because the
Egyptians want her back because they
realize how important this artifact is
but because the Germans discovered it
they’re hanging onto it so there’s a bit
of conflict of interest there but super
interesting to go and see that it’s in a
room where we weren’t really allowed to
take photographs but the coloring on the
bust was really interesting they’ve
preserved it so well
when your dog has something that
shouldn’t be eating this is what the bus
look like where we weren’t allowed to
film the detail it’s worth coming in
here to see it for yourself
or it’d be giving me Jess alrighty guys
so yesterday’s currywurst was so good
and that was what carried 36 yep we
found another one curry 61 and they did
vegan again but this time I decided to
go a little bit different
sushi bring called this like curry
powder on there then there’s ketchup we
she said had honey in it vegan just
remember there’s honey in the sauce and
then she’s even a fries with heaps of
well what’s the review that was good
just as good or just as good the sauce
is so good like the curry powder um no
the actual ketchup is the mayonnaise any
different okay let’s try to fry the
fries and then they put this like
orangey powder all over the chips they
give you a lot of mayor what’s the
powder taste like mmm curry again oh my
gosh I’m so glad sick really yummy
seasoning and the mayor is like full-on
egg mayor
sir we are actually at the airport no
not leave Berlin just yet we are gonna
be jumping on a cheeky little helicopter
head to see Berlin from the air
which is pretty cool I didn’t know you
could do that nice little starter hot
well this is the first I don’t think
I’ve ever been taken to my flight in a
limousine ball yes this is perfect
that was so cool such an awesome little
afterwards like the best way to see the
city as well you know see every day it’s
like Maricar German style alright I hope
you enjoyed that slight detour we were
back in the city couple places we want
to show you towards the end of our
little city guide first one is this
little university kind of famous for a
few reasons one I would earn Stein went
here Karl Marx went here but most
recently is during the Nazi regime
students came here went to this library
took out thousands of books put them in
this middle of this square and burnt
them all of course a lot of those books
were Jewish history books and the
memorial it was a kind of hard to see
because of the glare but it’s hole in
the floor you’re looking down and it’s
empty bookshelves okay one of the
stranger things that I’ve seen in Berlin
is we thought the go to souvenir was to
pick up a lil Berlin bear what they gave
us when we arrived from Singapore so you
know the traffic lights and it’s the
little green man and the little red man
that say if you can go and you must stop
for some reason everyone
the look of them caramel then actually
called the armful man that is the
tourist thing to get there’s an entire
store dedicated to souvenirs backpacks
feeling into the FIFA World Cup t-shirts
ample man coffee
Appleman curry rustles Wow
there’s literally much everywhere they
even have implement Elise YUM
all right guys we come down to the
Holocaust Museum and it’s made up of
hundreds of these columns at all
different sizes we’re right in the
middle right now and look how high they
go up so interesting cuz we’re right in
the heart of the city like the
Brandenburg Gate is just to the left of
us and there’s a soccer game going on
you can’t really hear much in here and
it’s just so interesting you can walk
through here and get lost it’s such a
unique memorial to walk around
so at the moment that World Cup is on
and it’s really cookers in Germany they
do these public viewings and right in
front of the Brandenburg Gate
they’ve giant screens where people can
come and watch the game for free so
here’s the big screen right in front of
the gate but I have a feeling that they
only play you know in here when it’s the
German games because we’ve come like two
nights now and it’s never been on who
are hoping to catch a game here but they
do have screens inside their big gardens
and stuff and they also have there’s
like some street food just set up here
and a lot of them will have like a
smaller screen and you can watch the
game yeah I think your game is about to
imagine if Germany is in like the semies
or even in the finals and you’re right
here in the heart of Berlin in front of
the Brandenburg Gate this place would be
insane and also look at the street this
is like celebration Street there are
multiple screens like three or four
screens that go all the way down there
all street vendors this place would be
insane if there’s a major match on all
right guys I hope you enjoyed that tube
hot felon episode now we’re about to go
in hire a car and go on a German road
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that and we’ll see you guys next time
by staying in akane-chan is road trip
because the coming past sorrow fast