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good morning adventures we’re spending
the week here in Berlin and we are going
to be showing you all of the cool stuff
you can do while you’re visiting this
beautiful city when it comes to culture
history and art Berlin’s got it all it’s
the largest city in Germany home to 3.7
million people and also home to tons of
forests parks and lakes this city may
have a dark past
but spend any amount of time here and
you’ll easily see that its future is
Berlin’s coffee scene has exploded in
recent years and is known for its
amazing coffee shops and third wave
coffee we came to know fire no glory
which is one of the I guess best-known
third wave coffee shops in Berlin and to
tell you a little bit about Third Way if
we just learned so I guess first wave
was just realizing that people like
coffee and mass producing it and didn’t
really matter about the quality second
wave was people getting a little more
specialized realizing that flavor is a
little more important and then third
wave is kind of going all-in paying
attention to where the coffee comes from
working with the grower itself just
being really involved in the process and
hand picking the beans and roasting it
yourself so it’s just a much more
involved I guess higher quality I read
that it’s like Folgers is first wave
Starbucks second wave and then I guess
independent coffee shops kind of sir
we decided to stick with cold brew with
a little bit of cream because it’s that
kind of day it’s quite refreshing guys
these croissants are rocking our world
they are perfectly like flaky on the
outside and all gooey in the inside oh
man Berlin is also home to over 2,500
different parks and green spaces and on
a nice summer day like today you’ll see
plenty of people lounging in the park
with food and drink in hand we are at
volkspark Fredrik shine which is this
huge outdoor space where a ton of people
are just chillin and enjoying this
awesome day the Sun is covered up by the
clouds a bit still nice and warm but
we’re not gonna get burned exactly we
have our doner kebabs our beer yeah
because you can drink in the parks here
jojje is amazing unlike in the US so
no donor for you buddy
sorry stars now you can’t come to Berlin
without hitting up one of their many
beer gardens as the name implies a beer
garden is an outdoor hangout space where
beer and local food are served
usually at communal tables we’ve come to
better beer garden which is pretty much
in the center of the city and has over
600 seats in this open-air area they
sell obviously lots of local beers but
they also have pretzels then your
pickles all kinds of sausages so you can
come here for dinner or just drinks but
one thing to note it is cash only and I
think a lot of beer gardens in this city
are so just bring some cash with you
they say that since the roots of this
beer garden can be traced back to 1837
that it might be Berlin’s oldest beer
garden so that’s pretty cool
of course we can’t talk about Berlin’s
amazing beer culture without talking
about the food and what better place to
try the local cuisine than at a local
to market howl annoyed or Market Hall
nine which every Thursday night they
have this huge indoor street food market
it’s on the east side of Berlin we’re
gonna go see if we can find something
there are a ton of people here
this place has a ton of amazing food
options we’re having a very hard time
deciding what to eat though I’ve made my
decision I’m going with these awesome
looking hot dogs Alison went somewhere
else I don’t know what she’s going to
get this is what I’m saying
so my hot dog has a potato mash on the
bun and then that delicious hot dog on
there and then they sprinkled some beef
on there some potato chips and peas some
corn and some Parmesan cheese okay
that’s pretty interesting definitely the
most unique hotdog I’ve ever tried what
did you end up going with check it out
there’s barbecue beef and kimchi and
spicy sauce on there it’s gonna be
pleasure town
did you make the right choice I think so
it was a hard choice you gotta lie
between the hot dog and this but I
wanted something a little more exotic
so my hot dog is pretty good it’s just a
little bit of a strange combination
flavor to kind of have the potato mash
and then the peas and corn and then the
hot dog and potato chips and the bun and
stuff it’s it’s like worlds colliding or
something but it’s pretty tasty for what
it is I will say that its unique amazing
coffee beautiful parks and delicious
food are only a few of the things Berlin
is known for it’s also home to several
monuments and memorials commemorating
different points in the city’s history
some darker than others this is the
Holocaust Memorial it is a structure
containing 2700 individual concrete
slabs arranged in a grid the designer of
this memorial claims that the design of
the monument has no symbolic
significance which leaves it open to
interpretation but for most people it’s
interpreted as a graveyard
one thing to note when you come here you
can only sit on the monuments you can’t
actually stand on them otherwise people
will come and tell you to get down and
or kick you out we’ve only scratched the
surface of what the city has to offer
but whether you’re searching for art
culture history or just amazing food one
thing is for sure Berlin is a city you
won’t forget so I hope you guys enjoyed
our video if you did find it helpful
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so that you can go and recreate the day
for yourself
goodnight adventures we’ll see on the