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Hello ! We party so much in Berlin !
We tried the trendiest bars, clubs, afters
Cheers !
On the one hand we tried “chilling” places
where you can drink a beer with your friends, calmly like here at the Yaam
Jamaican athmosphere, you have some photographic exhibitions,
concerts, deckchairs in the sand to chill…
You also have the RAW TEMPLE,
nearby Warschauer Strasse, plenty of bars inside
like Neue Heimat, Urban Spree, Cassiopeia, BadHausse…
Also really cool but often hidden here, rooftops !
You really have to open your eyes
to found them like the…
It’s at the top of a big mall
but once you get there it’s worth it
And to be sure to hang out in cool places,
you just have to go to friedrichshain district
This is THE neighborhood where you have all the trendy bars and clubs.
You have the Club Der Visionnaere
We are at the bite club,
a street-food festival taking place twice a month
nearby the Arena.
You have a lot of food, tacos, BBQ, currywurst and beer of course !
And after, you can begin the party
at the BadShiff,
with a real pool in the Spree, sand and deckchairs.
You also have smaller places like Paloma Bar
with a great view and stylish athmosphere…
like electro stylish place.
And if you don’t want to chill anymore,
you can dance in a looot of clubs,
mostly with electro music.
The most known is Berghain !
We couldn’t record inside
because they took all our stuff, worst than at the airport ahah !
It’s really hard to go in,
we don’t know exactly why it’s radomly
but once inside time goes too fast !
Even for me, who don’t like electro music !
You also have Renate,
looking like a house, plenty of rooms,
with mirrors, frames, beds,
You also have a big garden outside
During summer they organise some barbecues
there are spaces where gays are dancing,
some others where people are touching each others…
Berliner’s spirit !
And you never notice what time is it
because it’s really dark inside !
It’s just when you go outside that you realise that it’s 7am
I liked disco music tonight
In a general way, clubs in Berlin are closing around midday
so you can go late at night !
At after a really great night/morning, you can start partying again
because party never stop in Berlin !