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Good Morning ! I’m Pauline !
So we are at Berlin
and here what we can eat ?
A loooot of sausages, delicatessen and potatoes
I’ve got 6 sausages, one, two, tree, four, five, six !
Six sausages ! I love sausages
It was kind of paradize for us
WRONG Alain doesn’t like sausage at all
So what can we eat here ?
In Berlin you have a lot of turk influences
Fifties years ago, a lot of turkish came here
to work in industries (to re-build the city)
so they are a big community right now
Even the currywurst has turc origins
because it’s slizes of sausages with spices on it !
I’m a sausage (bilingual)
And of course you have a loooooot of kebabs for only 3€
It’s wonderful.
And here by the way i’m eating a kebab
from Gemüse Mustafa Kebab,
really popular and recognize as the best berliner kebab
Eggplants, courgettes, potatoes, onions, feta, good appetite !
We told you that food market become to be trendy,
and in Berlin it is !
We are at the MarktHalle Neun.
On Thursday night, they organized a street-food festival inside the market.
I’m the queen of sausages.
And there is a lot of street-food in Berlin,
from tacos, kebabs or traditional kitchen and of course burgers
that you can find everywhere, in food-trucks or in some restaurants
like here in Berlin Burger International
Where are we ?
We are at The Bird, it’s one of the best restaurants and they served burgers.
And this is the best burger in this entire world.
I think we gonna be sick… !
And even if there is a lot of fat and sausages everywhere
you can also find cosy coffee shops and healthy restaurants
which proposed some veggie or healthy meals with locals products
And in Germany you have a big culture of the coffee,
named Kaffe Kuchen (the time when you eat a piece of cakes with a cup of coffee).
You have a lot of great spots
Best carrot cakes ever
It’s helping you before the parties
aaaand by the way our next video will be about partying in Berlin !