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Hiiiii guys!
We are in Berlin !
We landed early this morning
…and we left our lugagges at our NightSwapping’s place : Paul !
(he is not answering….)
So what’s NightSwapping ? It’s a swap night system between private individual.
You can either swap for a local room or flat from all over the world,
Or you can rent it and it’s really cheap.
Moreover, appartments are really cool and design !
We met Paul, a regular “nightswapper”
and he explained to us his vision about swapping.
So we are going to spend time in Mitte area, Kreuzberg district
and of course.. an all day long (and night!) in Friedrichshain, which is THE place to be to party.
But we start our visit now guys nearby Shonëberg !
It’s Paul’s neightborhood, with Tiergarten a little lovely park nearby.
You will have tree must-stops here :
1/ Just behind us there is the Victory Column.
2/ Tiergarten which is an “über” lovely park
3/ Kadewe, the berliner fashionista’s temple.
We are now in Mitte, kind of city-center, even if Berlin doesn’t really have one.
Here you have a lot of markets, shops, restaurants…
You also have the famous Tv Tower on Alexanderplatz.
We are actually on the Museum Island, with 5 museums on it !
And now we are in the north of Mitte, in Maeurpark.
It’s really cool on sunday, with a lot of concerts,
a vintage market, and street-food everywhere…
Happy time !
Today we are in Kreuzberg.
The north of the area is more historical,
with CheckPoint Charlie,
the famous border between West Berlin and East Berlin.
Nearby you have some parts of the Berlin Wall
You can also find the Topography of Terror Museum.
(A chilling afternoon at the beach ? NO !)
(THE ultimate tourist !)
In Kreuzberg, you also have a lot of restaurants
and cosy bars, especially on OranienStrasse street.
New day ! Today we are in Friedrichshain
at East Side Gallery, where the Berlin wall is full of graffitis…
And these afternoon, we will walk along the Spee,
to eat and find some cool spots !
(it looks delicious, uh ?)
Where are we going ?
To the RAAAAAW. Raw.
(Bilingual gurlz)
We are in the Raw !
It’s an alternative place where you can find (almost) everything :
bars, nightclubs, art galleries. You even have a climbing wall !
Yes. We were at the Berghain club during the 8th of May 2015, at night.
We couldn’t record it. It’s forbidden.
But it was awesome. This is our story.
Annnnd it’s 8 :00 am.
Maybe not.
Yes. It’s exactly… 8 :00.
Here we are ! Berlin is over for us, we are coming back to Paris.
… with a lot of souveniiiiiirs <3 sausage !
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