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hi I’m Nick Heidfeld driving for Mahima
racing here in Berlin Tempelhof and I’m
going to take your for left similar
place and two years ago about a
different layout is the satin finished
white which actually isn’t a suede is a
bit of a left King and the first
overtaking spot you see a bit of fun
blocking here but it keep it tight
that’s a bit dirty on the outside you
can see here with the virtual car that
obviously come a bit from the outside
and then it’s one of the longest corner
we have in the season which keep going
and then gets tight us quite a lot of
fun not easy this is the most special
part probably we’ve ever seen in in
racing in Formula if you go to a channel
that is dedicated to the emotion club
people are very closer to the circuit
and you can enjoy some fun that’s the
back straight here poaching turn six
looks quite easy but in real life it’s
pretty difficult it’s very white both on
entry and exit hopefully in the race
that will get more overtaking
opportunities this is the quickest turn
off the circuit or left king those two
the role here on the right this part is
flat and actually this here’s the best
overtaking opportunity on the right hand
side breaking down into first gear too
much understeer there I’m always trying
to pick that at the moment and then
approaching the end of the left key on
the left you see the pit entry last
corners very long quite difficult but
good fun you need good traction again
and then hopefully by the end you’ve
done a good left especially for
qualifying well obviously I hope to put
it on pole position for my whole fan