Hi Beautiful People !!! I went to Berlin over the weekend and thought I would share a tiny bit of my beautiful experience with you guys. I had such a wonderful time and I am so very grateful! I fell involve with that city instantly, definitely going to live there one day! I hope you enjoy! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE, YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME! CONNECT WITH ME: instagram: zandiikhets email: szanvlog@gmail.com
but did Morgan from Berlin oh I think
that’s how I say good morning
well good morning guys welcome to
another weekly vlog and this time I’m in
Berlin I’m so excited to be here
apparently the city has so much to offer
and look who’s here with we’re
celebrating his birthday so I thought
what better way to celebrate than to
come to Berlin so so vibe it’s so young
so beautiful so amazing just like us so
I’m gonna take you guys along with me
it’s a bit cold but as you can see I’m
like so prepared we’re just waiting for
the metro now we’re going to this cafe
apparently they have the best eggs
benedict in the world so you’re gonna
try it out and see okay let’s catch up
oh my first impressions of the place I
really like it it’s like you know when
you get somewhere and you like you feel
like you could live there like yeah I
don’t know how to put it into words but
I really liked it and now we’re just
going to look for a cafe I think I
mentioned and just walking there it’s
not so easy to navigate as other cities
have been for us but we’re figuring it
out slowly but surely oh my gosh the way
the guys it is literally so nippy
we’re not gonna do a lot of touristy
things like obviously we’re gonna go to
like the Berlin Wall and Museum
and checkpoint charlie
but then we’re mostly here to eat and
was here to eat and just like explore
the random streets you know
okay let’s talking walking
breakfast that we just had was so so so
so tasty I saw a lot of people
recommending that cafe bar the one which
has had breakfast at and I also
recommended like nine out of ten for me
so now we’re just taking a walk to
museum Island and then from there we’re
gonna go to the Berlin Wall and then I
don’t know what else do you wanna do oh
yeah and then we’re gonna stop for lunch
somewhere hopefully the Christmas
markets open soon yeah because we can
see there’s a lot of them right and
remember when we had German sausages and
it was amazing yeah so hopefully we can
have some now
so we’ve arrived at museum island and
we’re just gonna walk around there’s so
many walking tours see like so many
groups of people my favorite that’s my
favorite building so far need to put you
guys down so you can see it properly
like oh my gosh it is
really so beautiful and there’s like a
market in front of me you know
Berlin Christmas markets the faces were
in the world and that Berlin German that
German sausage Wow the chicken there’s a
chicken the chicken oh my gosh yeah
definitely gonna have it but right now
we’re walking around I think I need a
coffee because it is ice ice cold it’s
ice cold for real
so far I’m loving Berlin I think I’ve
said that already but I really ever yet
guys did you see tuk-tuk some Polish
cuisine all the way in German kiss not
all the waitresses left right there they
even saw pierogi in that spot
oh it’s not that cool guys so it’s like
4:00 p.m. and it’s so dark and that’s
the thing about travelling in winter you
have to wake up well you can’t even wake
up early because it’s still dark in the
morning but right now we’re going to go
get some food and then maybe try one
more tourist attraction and then relax
I really like the area that also tellers
and so by the buzzing buzzing make its
buzzing flat
hey Stan how are you doing mate hey
babies energy level though
we better have some Germans massage
prepare a lot about hairy boss so here
we are