Tour historic sites of Berlin Germany. Checkpoint Charlie the famous border location between occupied USA of West Berlin and the USSR occupied area of East Berlin separated by the Berlin Wall. Also walked around the city to see other landmarks including the Brandenburg Gate and the bombed remains of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in West Berlin Germany. #Berlin #Checkpointcharlie #TouringBerlin
Berlin Germany and we’re here to see a
lot of things we’re getting to see the
Berlin Wall off of course and Charlie or
checkpoint charlie sign up there the
Charlie checkpoint is where the two
sides the American signs of our society
together man this is the replica of the
Charlie chick boy that the real one is a
little busy right now
so we’re here at the bring the birthday
man I haven’t covered this but it looks
exactly like when we went in Germany to
the car museum
but it looks exactly like Brussels you
know in Napoleon I’m after Julie lost
world Napoleon took that it was empty
and then during the Berlin Wall people
couldn’t visit it so after Germany won
they got it rapidly once you go I have
no idea what it is but they get it back
pretty cool
sorry guys so we’re at Checkpoint
Charlie and I ran into this wall
while we’ve seen it so fathers pretty
cool but I wonder why it has this this
get all these cars and when they had the
wall they had that
so all right checkpoint charlie there’s
my beer subside in Russian side and on
the American side of course there is
McDonald’s the first thing they see
it’s pretty funny because you know
McDonald’s like a popular restaurant
Berlin was pretty cool I really loved it
it was awesome especially loved the
Berlin Wall Museum that’s pretty cool
while people tried to escape in any way
possible I asked her like this clock
tower I saw um the war and standing