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so when you’re in Berlin and besides
checking out nude mannequins what else
is there to do
admittedly I’m not much of a coffee
drinker I just don’t drink it much at
all being so she’s not much of a coffee
person either and one of our favorite
things to do in Berlin is to sit by the
Spree River soaking the breeze and watch
tourist boats pass by wondering why we
didn’t get in one in the first place oh
yeah we spent all of our money on coffee
another must do in Berlin because
there’s nothing else to do is to wander
around Museum Island I’m sure you can
also go inside of it since filming is
not prohibited you’re just gonna have to
use your imagination here lots of
artifacts and remnants worth checking
or maybe not
if you’re stressed about Berlin’s easy
public transportation system then take a
minute to relax and enjoy an Italian
gelato served on a cone in a semi busy
pauses somewhere I’m starting to feel
quite European just about now I wondered
if I said gelato right
okay so to many of you watching right
now this is just an empty lot parking
spaces there and apartments behind us
but this is where Hitler lived in his
bunker and this is where he committed
suicide as well in April 30th 1945 if
I’m not wrong
right here crazy that’s what you guys
should travel but you should read to
read history
just right down the street from Hitler’s
bunker is this place the memorial to the
murdered Jews of Europe this is a must
experience site that reminds you of not
only Germany’s past but the history of
Europe which most Americans only get to
read in textbooks but ultimately being
in Berlin made the history that I
studied and taught come to real life
that’s another reason why you must
the checkpoint charlie was a huge
disappointment it was some kind of
tourist thing you can probably just skip
it thank you so much for watching
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