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Hey there, need a helping hand finding
your way? Here are the basics on how to use
the public transportation system for the next
time you visit Berlin.
To get around, public transportation offers
subways, Trams and a complex system with different kinds of busses.
But don’t get too confused!
Let’s concentrate on the S- and U-Bahn – that’s
how you call the subway in Berlin –
since most sights won’t take longer than a short
walk from the next station.
Take a brief look at the route map: It’s separated
in three different fare zones A, B & C.
Behold! Almost any sights and attractions
are located within or around the circle line.
So unless you have Potsdam or the Schönefeld Airport on your route, it’s totally sufficient
buying an AB ticket!
See that circle? Good!
That’s the Ringbahn
or let’s say line S41/42 – it spans the inner city and
is your line of choice, if you wanna
go from one of these districts to another
Now before you start your daytrip: consider
at least 30 minutes travel time
or if you have appointments, maybe 45 minutes – just in
case! Don’t worry though, you won’t get bored –
– it’s this one place where bankers, punks
and the granny from next door cross paths.
Be ready to meet some eccentric characters!
Oh and of course, don’t forget the ticket:
You can buy it at any station. Find one of these
yellow or grey ticket machines located on
the platform.
Choose between different tariffs depending on the length of your stay
to be equipped for sightseeing, shopping tours and spontaneous ideas.
No, bad idea!
Stamp the ticket before u go on the train to make it valid!
Wanna skip the daily ticket hunt? Check out the Berlin Welcome Card –
click the infocard in the top right corner to get your one and only ticket needed
for anywhere between 2 – 6 days. 200 discount coupons, a city map and a guide.
Ready to explore Berlin – check!
The major lines run on a 5 or 10 minute frequency during the day.
Keep in mind that trains stop running around 0:40 a.m. during the week.
If you should miss the last train – it will take you more time to get back, but don’t
freak out –
U-Bahn lines are replaced by night busses that go at least every 30 minutes.
Watch out for these bus stops close to your
station. The following lines do have a bus replacement overnight
Night lines stop by
the same stations as the railway does.
If you come visit on a weekend or a public
holiday, you don’t even have to worry about the system to stop at any time.
decrease overnight, but you will find home – no matter what.
By The way: If you just flew in by plane,
looking for the fastest way to downtown:
Don’t waste your precious time: stay tuned for our
tutorial linked in the endcard!
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