3 delicious places to eat in the borough called Mitte in Berlin – We take you along on a food tour of Berlin where we show you the best places to eat. The first episode of this series we show you around in Mitte. All restaurants show one meat option and one vegan option. Enjoy! Breakfast: http://www.commongrnd.de/ Lunch: http://www.moggmogg.com/ Dinner: https://www.facebook.com/thetree.berlin/ ► Berlin Food Vlog – Breakfast lunch and dinner ► Give the video a thumbs up ► Subscribe if you’re not already and click the bell! —————————————-­­­­­­­———————————-­-­-­-­ • My Instagram • https://www.instagram.com/donotforgettolive/ —————————————-­­­­­­­———————————-­-­-­-­- • Music • Dj Quads • https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads ————————————————————­­­­­­­———————————-­-­-­-­-