Julia hits the streets of Berlin to experience its legendary night life. http://www.youtube.com/RoughGuidesTV
but now what about Berlin’s legendary
nightlife getting around the city is
really easy it’s two euros for a ticket
and if you don’t speak German don’t
worry because most people here speak
English this is what I really be looking
forward to I mean Berlin was the home of
cabaret back in his heyday in the 1920s
all those gin fueled nights with leg
raising girls and a hell raising compair
so 70 years on I wonder if the girls are
still kicking up a fuss situated in the
south of the city bar you Darfur knifed
puts on one of the best shows in town
with tickets costing between 30 and 50
euros so you’ve got very busy girls six
nights a week what are the audience’s
like it’s really dry but some nights you
get really really good audiences but
amazing costumes you have that must be
such fun as well such great party books
do you argue over who’s wearing what no
because we all have our own separate
characters colors so mine’s kind of like
the lesbian person so I wear all the
kind of androgynous clothes
that’s androgynous masculine has the
most girly one here I’m a little diva
can you do an elective you for me in
that’s bility well the whole things in
German but I have to say it’s pretty
easy to follow and it is sexy its
raunchy it’s funny it’s entertaining
look at this
it’s terrific
now from cabaret to another Berlin
institution and this one is in the
Prenzlauer Berg district I’m now going
to learn how to make friends using the
medium of ping pong this is the
legendary dr. pons where a killer game
of ping pong is used as an opportunity
to meet new people as far as I can work
out it’s sort of a sporty speed-dating
so how am I going to make friends and
play ping pong at the same time how does
it work it’s easy you just have to play
it go to the next person next to you so
that’s how you just get into the game
play next to somebody that you fantasy
exactly that’s what everybody does here
mr. New Yorker you can just turn up it’s
free and if the game is going strong it
stays open till 4:00 a.m. I’ve got a
real chance I’m feeling it
there we go I did pretty well I’m gonna
stay them for a while and straighten you
do get a little bit out of breath as
well you can’t fit while you’re doing
this you do do get a bit out of breath
maybe that’s all the cigarette smoke I
don’t know I’m liking the ping pong bar
I must say well I didn’t meet the man of
my dreams in the ping pong bar but I’m
beginning to understand why a night out
in Berlin is so popular the whole place
has real energy with a huge range of
bars and clubs coming to life around
12:00 o’clock it’s now 2:00 a.m. and
with trains running all night on a
Friday and a Saturday even at this time
in the morning there are plenty of
people around it’s great because you
feel pretty safe and as seems to be the
way in Berlin there’s always someone to
talk to you are right and even at the
end of the night Berlin can be full of