Berlin, Germany Travel Guide – Berlin City Guide. From standing at the centre of European history during the 20th century, to entering the new millennium as one of the coolest cities in the world thanks to its nightlife, art, culture and foodie scenes, Berlin has always been a city at the heart of the action. There are few greener cities than Berlin with its numerous parks and forests, and it’s never that difficult to escape the crowds of the city centre. Tiergarten is Berlin’s central park, between the Berlin Zoo and the Brandenburg Gate, but don’t miss the chance to explore the forests and lakes of Wannsee, in the south west of the city, the tall pines of Grunewald forest, or Tempelhofer Feld – once an airport and now one of the largest urban parks in Europe. There is barely a major historical event in 20th century Europe that didn’t play out in Berlin, from the convulsions of the WWI and its aftermath, the rise of dictatorship and the horrors of Nazi Germany, WWII and the Cold War division of Europe, and the dramatic events around the fall of the Berlin Wall. History was written and can be read on every street corner of this city and in its many, excellent museums. We hope you have fun watching. Please watch in HD. A Film by Damir Međurečan – 2018 – Berlin