Berlin har masser af ting, man skal se. Men udover Brandenburger Tor og Muren, er der også et hav af alternative oplevelser. Så hvad skal man se i Berlin? I filmen kan du komme med på Currywurst Museum, spise på Lokal og komme på vandcykel i Treptower Park. Læs mere på
Berlin is one of my favourite destinations in Europe
Your journey starts at the airport
– where it’s not unrealistic to pay €22 for a gin/tonic
But why not start at the lounge?
For €20 you can eat and drink all that you want
– so you get something for both the stomach
– and the heart
Berlin is an amazing city, but
most people have already seen
Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburger Tor
and The Wall
Now I’ll show you an alternative side of Berlin
– and we start here in Treptower Park, where you can rent a pedal boat and see Berlin from the water
You can end your day on water at White Trash
– it’s located just outside city centre
nearby Treptower Park
– here you can have a Hendricks/cucumber slush ice
– that’s wonderfully fresh on a summer day
What I have here is not,
what one would think was a caterpillar
– This is a currywurst, a spicy sausage
The reason I stand with it, is that we are the world’s first – and so far only – currywurst museum
– located here in Berlin
When you think of Berlin,
you can’t help but think of currywurst!
Here you can learn about the origim of currywurst
You can listen to songs about currywurst
– get into a currywurst-booth
and much much more!
After all this sausage talk,
you have to taste a currywurst
– and in the café, which belongs to the museum,
you can taste two different kinds
An East German version and a West German version
After the war, a lot of things were
subject to a surcharge in East Berlin
– one of the things they put charge of, was casings
So the East German sausage is a without casing
and the West German is in casing
Beer is a large part of the culture of Berlin,
and it’s easy to find small ponds
– around the city, where you can enjoy a
nice weissbier or Berliner Kindl
After you’ve eaten a sausage and had a beer, why not create your own dessert at the Ritter Sport Museum
You can choose the ingredients
– and pick them up half and hour later
Lokal is probably my favorite restaurant in Berlin
It’s German food with a French bistro twist
– Most of the ingredients come
from the area around Berlin
Both beer and wine
A set menu costs €40 and a bottle of wine € 30
Another place where it’s nice to eat
is Transit at Rosenthaler Platz
You buy a lot of Asian inspired tapas-dishes
It’s delicious and really cheap
That’s my take on how to spend a weekend trip in Berlin
I hope you discovered something new, and that you’ll try some of the things next time you visit Berlin