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hi guys we are here in corner one of the
Berlin APRI and one of the most
difficult corners outguess because it’s
a very very heavy braking and the corner
is super long as you can see you kind of
enter the corner braking you go a little
bit wide and then you go back preparing
for Conan two and three and the turnout
that we have on the other side so this
is definitely a place which you can gain
a lot of time just come out of the
unique section coming out the tunnel
with the emotion Club it’s quite unique
and formulary and yeah always amazing
the first lap when you come through here
and the atmosphere and the light so it’s
it’s cool and quite a tight section but
important to get a good exit onto the
back straight and good overtaking
opportunities the end of the next row we
on turns six which is a corner that has
been changed compared to last season
actually now we have a long straight and
bit tighter corner which means this gets
more an overtaking spot and is actually
pretty cool for racing now it’s very
wide on entry and on exit so a lot of
opportunities tarmac changes not an easy
one but for sure a big improvement
compared to last season in terms of
overtaking and show for you guys
we are getting in the last sector sector
three very high-speed corners getting
into two very tight hairpin probably the
slowest part of the circuit and getting
back into the main straight line
so we’re just approaching the last
sector something two corners in the
sectors are quite a short one but really
crucial one for overtaking this this is
going to be a very important one to
attack or needing to defend there’s
quite a straight forward into the lab
but um you know it’s it’s vitally
important to UM get cleanest exits out
of you Stephan’s and obviously finish
off but I’ve really strongly here we are
at turn 10 which is the last corner the
circuit and we’ve got a long straight up
until that finish line so as important
to get great exit from our side we need
to make sure we brake around the 50
meter board or at a the car early and
get a fast exit
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