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Bye! Have fun.
Great to see you here. This time I’m in German’s capital.
Welcome to Berlin.
The city brings a very rich history. After the 2nd world war it was split in an east and west part.
To prevent the brightest talents from diverting to the West a major wall was to separate the two in 1961.
From one day to the next friends, family and groups of people previously united couldn’t see each other any more.
Literally divided by a massive concrete wall. It lasted until the wall got broken down in 1989.
It still shows it’s origins….. Around the city you’ll find spots like these.
In the past you could tell by the traffic lights.
The East Berlin ‘Ampel Guy’ After the 1989 wall brake down they wanted to dump the sign to replace with it a uniform European design.
Protests prevented this from happening, it’s back in the streets since 2005 across all of Berlin.
The city is rich with beautiful buildings like the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag…
…and this big boy The Fernsehturm.
And it’s huge!
It provides for a great reference throughout the city, the best thing though is you can ride to the top.
It stands 360 meters tall, a lift will take you 203 meters.
Advance ticket purchases will prevent you having to queue. The price per person is around 20 Euro.
I am sure this building appeared in your history classes. The Reichstag.
Burned down in 1933 allegedly by a a dutch guy Marinus van der Lubbe.
We still don’t know to this day if he did it.
After the wall came down it once again become home to parliament. The Bundestag with the famous dome on top.
It’s open to visitors. Great! Make sure you advance order your tickets.
They’re free but you do need to show your ID or passport to check on your past.
With the Reichstag in the west, this classic architecture was still in the east, Brandenburger Tor.
The oldest remaining City arches. This became a symbol for freedom when the wall came down in 1989.
Close to the Brandenburger Tor you will find this impressive place, the Holocaust monument.
Over 2700 concrete slabs representing the innocent victims from the war.
Just a little bit further you will find Berlin most touristy spot, Checkpoint Charlie.
The old border crossing between east and west.
The building you can see today is a replica.
In 1990 the original was broken down to be replaced by this replica in 2000.
In full glory…
The uniqueness of this city is both the creativity and rawness.
You’ll find it in buildings and street art. Very pretty.
The government takes a different view though. 35 million is spent every to clean it up.
Berlin has 3 airports: Tempelhof, Tegel and Schönefeld.
The last 2 still open, Tempelhof got closed
a few years a go.
It was transformed into a recreational area.
It’s a great ride with the big plus you get to ride your bike on the old runway. The fun way to get there is by bike.
Due to it’s history the city doesn’t have 1 center.
It has many spread across little areas each
with their own vibe.
1 of my favourites is Mitte.
Shopping Paradise. Big brands and boutique’s side by side. All within walking distance.
This is what the wall looked like…
…at Potsdamer Platz you can still see a few remains of the old wall.
No beaches here though the alternatives by these beach chairs really work.
A great place to chill out.
On a day like this go out for a walk. My personal favourite is to walk through east Berlin.
Away from the tourist hotspots.
You’ll this old castle which survived the bombings.
Houses from former DDR leadership!
They really looked after themselves as you can see they lived in big and nice housing areas.
Check out the route I walked in the comments below.
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