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today I’m walking around Berlin and I’m
gonna check out some really cool sites
but first breakfast so right behind me
is Reese tag which is the German
parliament building and right on top of
it is a glass dome so the dome is
actually open to the public and you can
check it out
but there’s about a month long waiting
list to get up there but I found out a
secret there’s a restaurant inside the
glass dome so if you make a reservation
about a week in advance you have access
to the dome and an amazing breakfast so
we’re gonna go have breakfast right now
if I may
at the restaurant and it is gorgeous up
here you I highly recommend getting the
traditional German breakfast it is 28
euro and it comes with croissants and
yogurt and cheese and meat slices a
little bit everything news announcement
alleges and it’s really pretty it comes
on like a little tiered thing oh it also
comes with champagne so the dome was
actually damaged during bombings in
World War two and so it would had to be
reconstructed which is why it is so
modern looking
so after you’ve had breakfast you can
come and pick up your free audio guide
and walk inside
you can see the whole city from up here
so you’re never here which used to be a
royal hunting ground you can see all the
monuments and all the other parliament
buildings so right down below me is a
laugh feeling
and under the glass ceiling is the
plenary chamber
the German parliament makes all of their
decisions heading back down now though
to make reservation you just need to
email the restaurant and I will put an
email link below in the description for
you guys so you can do it too Berlin has
tons of really cool flea markets but
most of them recently have been
oversaturated with imports or they’re
just overrun by tourists so the prices
have been hiked up but I found the local
flea market so this market is where the
locals go to find the really good
vintage pieces at the local prices so
we’re going to raw flow market in
well that was awesome I got a lot of
really good stuff in the backpack a tip
if you come towards the end of the day
around five o’clock the vendors tend to
give you more of a discount because they
don’t want to bring the stuff home with
so to finish my day I am heading to
clunker chronic which is a rooftop beer
garden on top of a parking structure
it’s got great views of the city
normally you can catch the sunset little
cloudy today but it’s really a great
place to hang out
another really cool lesser-known spot is
a hike right inside the city so at the
beginning of the hike there’s a couple
of beer gardens where you can fuel up
and then get hiking I’m heading to
Teufelsberg Berlin Teufelsberg
translates into Devil’s mountain so
Teufelsberg is called Devil’s mountain
because it was originally a Nazi
Training College and then at the end of
World War two the Allied forces tried to
destroy it they weren’t able to it was
built so sturdily that they couldn’t
destroy it so instead they buried it
with rubble and then it was turned into
a listening facility or spy tower that
the Americans the British Jews to listen
in and see what was happening in eastern
so overall the hike from the train
station to getting up here was only
about a mile and a half it took me maybe
30 minutes
there’s like a little bar when you first
walk in that you can buy club mate’ or
beer and a bouquet or stir bratwurst and
just kind of relax and sit and hang out
battleship is a private beach club in
the Crites burg area of berlin they have
sandy beaches a snack shack a full bar
volleyball beds swings and a clean pool
the pool is actually made out of an old
container barge that an artist rendered
into a pool the pool itself is actually
floating in the water of the Spree which
is the river here in Berlin so we’re
gonna lay out there is a nice big
sunning dock right before you get to the
water I’m gonna get a nice little drink
and I’m gonna relax and enjoy the fun
the last thing to do here on my list is
go to Edelweiss on Tuesday nights
so Edelweiss is a restaurant built into
one of the buildings of an abandoned
train station in the middle of gullets
or parks and on Tuesday nights they have
jazz jam upstairs it’s my favorite thing
to do wanted to say I’ve done in almost
every Tuesday since I’ve been here the
music’s great the drinks are cheap it’s
only five euro and it’s so much fun
so those are my cool super unique things
to do here in Berlin if you liked this
video go ahead and give it a thumbs up
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