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Hello, we’re in Berlin.
We have just checked in.
The hotel is cool.
A small tip on the hotel.
How can I say that?
It’s a gey hotel.
Gey hotel but hetero-friendly.
They present it openly.
They have that info on
So we thought why not?
And we came here.
The only surprise was
the screens by the entrance
with the photos of naked guys hugging.
They don’t hide it for sure.
The hotel is so well-kept because of that.
The standard is really good. Check our room.
The room is small, but super clean.
This is our bed.
Przemek, show them the lights.
It’s all touchscreen.
Let’s check the bed.
It’s a spring mattress.
We have a big wardrobe here.
We put all our luggage there.
Here is a leaflet.
A leaflet.
This is our bathroom.
Pretty standard.
The interesting thing is a touchscreen on the mirror.
You can turn on the radio.
On, off etc.
How to turn this off?
What’s also nice about the hotel.
We have a gym
and SPA area which is
sauna, jacuzzi.
I think there’s a gym here, right?
I’ve just told that.
Don’t make a fuss.
They also serve breakfast.
We really like it here.
Big storage room.
The wardrobe is so cool.
The location is really good.
We are two stops from the city center.
Now we’re getting ready and then we go to the center.
It’s so cool.
We are beautiful and young now.
So rested.
Where do we go now?
Of course to eat something.
Julia found a vegan restaurant. What was its name?
Momos in the city center.
It’s a vegan restaurant with nepali dumplings.
It’s in the Mitte region.
In the city center.
A few words about Berlin.
No, firstly let’s talk about our outfits.
We both wear Levi’s.
Our cool t-shirts.
Did you choose the same t-shirt on purpose?
Regarding Berlin…
I used to be here several times in the past year.
But for the business purposes.
I’ve already seen some things, but it’s not the same.
This is the first time I’m here privately.
I’m so excited.
I see the city from the different perspective.
Are you?
I’m less excited.
I’m also really excited but I’m tired on the same time.
I’m also very hungry.
I need the energy kick.
Where is it?
We’re here!
We are at Momos.
Vege restaurant with
dumplings from Naples…
They offer different fillings.
There are different sets available too.
You can order like 18 pieces with different fillings.
The offer spinach, goat cheese – it’s vege.
They also have broccoli, shitake and tofu.
And it’s not vege anymore.
This is vegan, stupid!
You can also get tomato, cabbage and carrot.
You can get them boiled or fired.
They said boiled is more healthy.
You can also get a vegan, organic drinks.
Beers, wines.
Przemek got an organic beer.
It’s to strange. It’s a red, organic beer.
It’s pretty thick.
It’s like…
I got a rooibos.
Passion fruit – flavoured.
The beer is so strange. It tastes like the ground.
It’s a rootbeer.
Yes, it tastes like that.
We will show you the dumplings.
Julia is still doing her insta stories.
I do not intend to wait.
Which one did you get?
The one with cheese.
It’s fabulous.
It’s a spinach, I think.
It’s so good.
Let’s try the brown one.
This is amazing.
I haven’t tried anything like that before.
It’s not a classic dumpling.
It’s not the Asian thing…
How was it called?
Dim sum.
It’s not like that.
Let’s try the yellow one.
This is with the pumpkin.
The food is amazing.
They forgot to gave us… What was it?
They have just brought it to us.
What is it? A kind of bean?
Is this a special recipe?
It’s a kind of very healthy bean.
We’ve just finished. It was so tasty.
What was the name of the restaurant again?
Momos! It was so good I keep forgeting the name.
It was light, healthy.
Dumplings were easy to digest.
They were so tasty.
I’m a fan.
If you want to eat healthy, it’s totally for you.
It’s vege, so that’s cool.
The prices were ok.
How much did we pay?
10 EUR for 18 dumplings.
We’ve paid 7 EUR per person for the food.
Plus drinks.
It’s like a 30 PLN.
It was a really great experience.
This Edamame thing is really cool.
It’s a strange bean.
A bit like broad bean.
But healthier and lighter.
A bit crispy also?
There is thinks bean in Poland…
Sugar peas!
No! It’s competely different.
It was interesting, I enjoyed that.
The service could be better though.
They didn’t give us the bean.
We needed to remind them.
They’ve had a problem with the payment also.
They were likable though. A kind of hipsters.
The one guy had a never-ending beard.
They”ve had different teas too.
I’ve had a rooibos with passion fruit.
And now I have a green tea with ginger and honey.
Cool. We recommend it.
If you visit Berlin, Mitte come to the
Vege Momos.
Now we go to the city center.
Julia chose Bombay for a drink.
We’re here for mohito.
I ordered zombie.
How cool is that?
It’s good.
Julia, how do you like your drink?
Finally, she left the IG for a second.
It’s strong.
Try zombie.
Mine is better.
I always choose better.
You know… You chose me.
And I chose you!
Here comes our full-Berlin-day.
So cool!
We woke up so early. It’s 10am.
We were trying so hard to wake up early!
It’s impossible to go out at 8 or something.
My strap keeps falling down.
Ok, now we’re going for a breakfast.
We’ll be there at 11.
Julia chose a place on the other side of the city.
In the north.
I wanted to go here but it was expensive.
I don’t believe you.
Seriously, 17 EUR for a breakfast.
It’s strange. I used to pay less last year.
Because you used to have a sausage or something.
Frankfurter sausages.
I was looking for Eggs Benedict.
Ok, we’re going there
to have a Benedict Eggs.
No! We’re not going there!
Why do you always need to spoil my plans?
I don;t understand anything now.
Everyone is looking at us because you speak so loud.
It’s bacause I’m still sleeping.
I need a coffee.
Beauties! We’re in a cool place called Betty’n’Catty.
It’s a breakfast restaurant.
Pretty typical in Berlin.
We already ordered the orange juice,
pochette egg with avocado,
Egg Benedict with avocado.
We’ll show it to you soon.
It’s a bun
with a ham.
This is a sauce on top.
No, it’s the egg.
Avocado and my avocado toast.
And the egg on top.
It’s tasty.
What did you do?
We are full.
Przemek is not.
He said the portion was small.
Nice place
but portions should be bigger.
They even have that in the menu. It’s not eggs but egg.
One egg for the man like me?
Now we’re going to the flea market.
Przemek said it’s possible, there will be stands with food.
Gimmie kebap or something!
Kebap of falafel.
It’s so chilli here.
Don’t you think? Like they’re all sleeping.
They’re sleeping after the Saturday night.
Here is the example.
Can you see it?
He was even snoring.
I bet my brother looks like that after the party.
Krystian, we wish you no hangover.
We will bring you a beer for the morning.
It’s really warm.
It’s a cool weather for sightseeing.
It’s getting warmer.
Oh, it’s almost noon.
Then it’s pretty ok.
It’s so lovely here.
What did you buy?
10 liters of orange juice.
It’s nice.
Sweet like Przemek.
Don’t film me anymore, I’m melting.
My makeup is off.
It’s hotter than in Rome.
Look what Julia found.
Meat-free gyros.
Why do you wear jeans?
It’s 40 degrees. And you took a jacket!
It’s a hand made radler.
The guys mixed it himself.
He had a lemonade
and mixed it with the beer they make.
We also have a vegan gyros.
Or shoarma?
It’s gyros.
Try it.
You try it.
I have only one hand.
How is that?
OMG. He’s always like that.
That’s it.
How is it?
It tastes pretty like meat.
Artist: Morf