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Berliner Fernsehturm
Museum Island
It’s an Italian restaurant in Berlin.
Presumably the best.
The waiter told us that they have the best pizza
and salads in whole Berlin.
The funniest thing is that in the menu there is mainly pizza and salads!
So they are honest!
This place was also recommended by
a girl Olga that we’ve met in Frankfurt.
She lived here for good
10 years.
Olga, let us know because we can’t remember.
In the comments.
It looks good.
The waiter came and started speaking German, than Italian…
Finally we agreed on English.
It is packed with people.
it’s quite load.
So the food must be great.
And it seems that those are locals.
This restaurant is outside the city center.
We will see and let you know.
We have all we need.
And we got it in like 2 minutes.
And how this pizza smells, if only you good be here!
Lets eat
Brandenburg Gate
We have just been near Brandenburg Gate.
Brandenburg Gate
And now we are at
Here is a dome
that you can go up to.
Look at the line.
Everyone wants to go up but we don’t.
Why not?
We’ve been in one today.
At this hight dome.
It was a TV tower.
But it was not a dome.
It was a ball.
Yesterday right there
we were sitting at Momos.
Where we ate edamame and dumplings.
And then Julia saw the other restaurant.
And we’re in it right now.
It’s called Nithan Thai.
Plenty of people sat here
and ate some amazing food.
So we’ve come here today
and it seems
that we’ll have a nice evening.
I don’t know how it works.
The waitress said that sharing is the concept
of this place.
Julia has a problem because she doesn’t like to share.
Julia likes to eat all by herself.
We’ve just got our soup.
The first meal.
In one dish there is the liquid
in the other the toppings.
You need to pour this in.
To keep it warm.
Look how cool those spoons are!
Like bamboo.
Maybe we should take them home.
I think it will be hot and spicy.
Very intensive.
But it’s just a broth?
Good, try it.
It’s with salmon.
Very very intensive.
Do you like it?
It’s strange.
Good, I like such broths.
We have a second dish.
What’s that?
It all fell out.
What’s that?
A shrimp, no a fish.
Fish in meat?
Something like that.
But hot.
How does it taste?
It tastes like.
Is this with sauce?
I can’t decide how it tastes.
Those flavors here are very interesting, I have never eaten something like that.
It tastes like kaffir leaves.
What is kaffir?
A spice.
Good morning sunshines!
Today it’s sunny again.
Yesterday it was raining.
And today the weather is good so far.
And together with Przemek
who has just done striptease at the parking lot
to the Outlet Center near Berlin.
It’s about 30 km from Berlin.
30 km south from Berlin.
It’s an Outlet Center and we will show you how it looks.
It is quite similar to the one
And it was also called Designer Outlet
so maybe it’s the same chain.
That in Gdansk was really cool and this one is even bigger.
Keep the fingers crossed for Julia because if she does good shopping
she will also do a haul.
So keep them crossed.
And let’s go shopping!
So this is an outside outlet.
In Gdansk it looked similar but was under the roof.
Obviously Julia is hungry already.
She went for Chinese.
And took everything she could.
And she will be eating.
But look at me I have nothing.
Only Julia can eat.
This is how it looks in our relationship.
I have a proof.
How is the sushi?
It is hard to make it taste bad.
This is only with avocado.
Very good.
I was surprised you didn’t want any.
It seems I’m in terrible condition and desperately need coffee.
I told the lady in German.
And she looked at me and
told: we don’t have Ice Coffee.
So she made me such a huge coffee.
She definitely thought that I needed it.
Wow, shopping.
Don’t show.
We will do a shopping haul.
We’ve bought some cool stuff.
You haven’t paid yet.
But I think I will.
What did you do!
They will rewind and pause.
No it was to fast, lets buy this things.
This shopping wasn’t as good a s we hoped.
We thought this would be a huge shopping
but we only bought things in one shop – Fossil.
So we figured we could show you
what we have bought.
These are three things.
The first one is a travel cosmetics bag for Przemek
Man cosmetics bag.
Which opens up nice
and wide.
So you will
be able to fit a lot
and you will not get hurt by a zip.
It also has 3 pockets.
Very nicely done and
with leather bottom.
Przemek also bought
a card and cash holder.
It holds…
1, 2, 3, 4
and in the middle
so you can put many cards.
And it’s leather with a dear embossment.
And I bought something similar but a bit bigger.
Something like that.
It has a wrist handle.
So it is very practical.
It also has a zip pocket for change.
So perfect for shopping and small bags.
The Fossil store was very nice
and had wide range of things.
The prices were good.
And the lady gave us 30% discount because we’re from Poland.
Don’t listen to him, there was a general 30% discount.
So it was nice.
We walked around for a bit and it is pretty here.
Nice for whole day of shipping.
We just didn’t like anything else.
But we also thought that
it look really good but
on the there hand
if it was raining or snowing
it wouldn’t have been as pleasant.
You should check out
our Gdanks vlog
and Designer Outlet there.
It look similar but there is a roof.
And we are off back to Poland.
We’re coming back and finishing our vlog
from Berlin.
We loved it in Berlin
and saw everything we wanted.
So now we’re coming back
but probably will be preparing for another trip soon.
We invite you to our YouTube channel.
and follow us on social media.
On Facebook and Instagram.
And also check out our blog.
Julia will definitely write some cool post.
Julia writes better and better posts.
Kisses, take care!