City break per un weekend? Ecco la nostra guida di viaggio per tre giorni a Berlino, con i posti più iconici e qualche perla nascosta! Venerdì – Partiamo dalla Porta di Brandeburgo e in quella zona vediamo anche il Memoriale degli Ebrei Assassinati in Europa e il Reichstag, ceniamo con qualcosa di tipico al Treffpunkt Sabato – Facciamo un giro nel quartiere Neukölln con Stefano Gualdi che ci porta a vedere Aura, un negozio di kimono originali e a pranzo dal vegetariano Holy Flat!, pomeriggio dedicato ai musei: Pergamon e Naturkunde, ma passando anche dai bellissimi cortili Hackesche Höfe. Cena al The Pub con birra e hamburger. Se non avete voglia di musei vi consigliamo l’Olympiastadion, stadio dove l’Italia vinse i mondiali del 2006. Domenica – Appena svegli facciamo una passeggiata alla East Side Gallery e Oberbaumbrücke, per poi pranzare al Mauerpark con dell’ottimo street food internazionale, ascoltando anche vari artisti locali tra cui i Rider’s Connection. Concludiamo il nostro weekend lungo con Checkpoint Charlie, alcuni bellissimi pezzi di street art e infine il suggestivo Museo Ebraico. Scarica qui la nostra mappa: Un grazie speciale a VisitBerlin per il supporto Fai un giro a Berlino con Stefano I bravissimi Rider’s Connection LINK UTILI Berlin Card, la carta dei mezzi Museum pass Prenota la visita al Reichstag Pergamon Naturkunde Olympiastadion Museo ebraico Dormire a Berlino: CIBO E NEGOZI Suzette Treffpunkt Aura Kimono Lovers Holy Flat! The Pub USATI PER QUESTO VIDEO Videcamera: Sony A7SII Lenti: Sony 16-35 Tamron 24-70 Audio: Rode Videomic Pro Microfono voiceover: Zaino: Lowepro Fastpack 250 Steadycam: Flycam 3000 Comprando tramite questi link ci darete una mano a migliorare sempre di più la qualità dei nostri video. Grazie di cuore! Indirizzo per le cartoline: Giorgio Pirola via Brennero 41 20832 Desio (MB) PER CONSIGLI DI VIAGGIO O DI VIDEOMAKING SCRIVICI UN COMMENTO SOTTO IL VIDEO PIÙ INERENTE, NON UNA EMAIL GRAZIE NE VUOI ANCORA? Isola di Pasqua? Vuoi andare in Australia? Video sull’Australia? Andalusia? Bali? Corsica? Attrezzatura e tutorial? Italiani reagiscono alle altre culture? Cooked & Eaten? Olanda? Dublino? Italia? Iscriviti al nostro canale! SEGUICI!!! Instagram: Facebook: Telegram (canale): Telegram (gruppo): Twitter: Email commerciale: Mappe:
Hi everybody! Welcome back to “In Viaggio col Tubo”!
This is our travel guide for a weekend in Berlin!
Actually, instead of a weekend it’s more like 3 days,
arriving on Friday around lunch time.
So, the first thing to do is LUNCH!
We go to “Suzette”, a French Crêperie
yes, French in Berlin!
that makes huge sweet and savoury crêpes, and even gluten-free.
But now let’s go back to the “Grandeburg” Gate…
Grandeburg..big ravine! (In italian Grande=big, Burg sounds like “burrone”=ravine)
But now let’s go back to “Grand..” Gate..I keep saying “Grandeburg”!
But now let’s go back to Brandenburg Gate,
a must-see monument in Berlin,
free to watch, here outside.
There’re also some museums about the “Grandeburg” Gate..
Don’t say it again! You made it once, it’s ok! Don’t tempt fate!
So, after the Brandenburg Gate, with the B,
we walk South to see the famous Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.
It consists of 2.711 steles of varying heights on an uneven terrain,
Even though it’s arranged in orthogonal grids,
walking through the installation, you feel lost in a gray maze.
This symbolizes how, even in a supposedly ordered system,
people can feel swallowed up by a world without soul.
And to stay on the topic, there is a curiosity that we want to tell you about the streets in Berlin.
Around the city there’re these brass plates
that have been placed where some people were deported.
For example, this Max was deported on 19th February 1939.
But now, it’s time to go to the Reichstag, to visit the spectacular dome of the German Parliament.
The entrance is free but you’ve to book it in advance, so set the date first.
*link in the description
It’s veeeery beautiful!
There’s this walkway that goes up all around the dome.
But be careful ’cause
even if this seems to be the most Italian city in Germany,
you’re still in Germany! So there’s
a walkway to go up and one to go down.
Don’t go on the wrong one!
After a scenic walk, we have a coffee with Nicole,
that tell us how to discover a less known Berlin.
* Italian subs*
Nicole made us want to discover a hidden Berlin,
but we’ll see tomorrow morning.
Now it’s time for dinner and we try something typical.
We’re in this restaurant, I don’t exactly remember its name,
I mean, I know its name ’cause it’s also written on the plate, but I can’t pronunce it
let’s say “Treffpunk” (*it’s “Treffpunkt”)
I’m having a curry wurstel,
a wurstel with curry,
that seems to be pretty typical of Berlin.
It’s the only place I know where they make it gluten-free
It’s essentially a wurstel with curry ketchup.
If you don’t need it to be gluten-free, you can find it everywhere!
I, instead, I’m having a light meal with a single Berlin-style meatball,
It seems like a normal meatball!
It’s quite tasteless!
I’m a bit embarassed ’cause the people at our table,
since we’re at this table with other 4 people that we don’t know,
they’re looking at us..
but it’s ok!
YouTuber’s life! 🙂
*Leave a Like for our Berliner cameraman*
Our first day ends here.
Tomorrow’ll be another big and long day,
see you tomorrow!
Saturday morning we wake up early to explore the city.
We get off at this unpronounceable stop
to meet Stefano of “Ciao Berlin!”
that helps us discover the North area of Neukölln
and its micro neighbourhoods called Kiez.
The micro neighbourhood
in the districts where there’s a high level of socialisation,
be it crossroads, squares or stretches of road,
where people don’t just pass by,
’cause they’re focused on their job, on their stuff,
but they sit, read the paper, have a coffee, chat etc.
This is an area with a rising charm,
chosen by the creators both for its low rent
and because, as Nicole told us yesterday,
to be successful in Berlin you have to not show off.
*Italian subs*
You may not find anything without a guide since there’re no monuments.
The places of interest are, in fact, unique restaurants or small shops
like this kimono shop.
Ok, we were walking around this neighbourhood in Neukölln,
and we walked into this vintage kimonos shop,
and now I’m gonna try one on ’cause they’re too beautiful!
*Italian subs*
But now it’s time for lunch
so we go in a typical restaurant of this area, a vegeterian one,
“Holy Flat”.
Where I have a vegan dish with, boh, everything
while Martina..?
I’m having the soup of the day which is sweet potatoes and coconut,
and this bowl of salad, avocado, cheese and..
After lunch, we say goodbye to Stefano and we go back to the famous Berlin with its Museum Island.
There’re, of course, many museum and we can’t see them all.
So we visit the Pergamon, that,
despite the several halls closed for major renovation works,
offers some spectacular looks on the past.
Unfortunately even the main hall containing the Pergamon Altar is closed,
but many pieces are open to the public: the colourful Gate of Babylon,
and the huge Market Gate of Mileto,
in addition to many finds.
The admission is 12€,
but if you plan to visit more than 2 museums,
we recommend the Museum Pass
that for 24 € guarantees admission in more than 50 museums on three consecutive days.
Since we have the pass, why not use it?!
But before reaching the next destination outside the island,
we go to the Hackesche Höfe.
They are eight courtyards of the former Jewish district in the early 1900s,
all interconnected.
they’re a bit difficult to find.
This is the entrance
We keep going until we arrive at the Naturkunde, the Museum of Natural History,
with its ancient and giant inhabitants.
Behind us there’s the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton (he adds “ever mounted”),
I’ve messed up this sentence!
in Europe..
in the world!
“Mounted” doesn’t mean that it’s fake, but that they remounted real fossils.
It’s 13 metres tall!
Weren’t they herbivore? Why are their teeth so sharp?!
8€ per person
There aren’t only dinosaurs, of course, but also
more or less rare animals, some VERY rare 😛 from all over the world.
And then there’s a dragon’s head.
If you don’t like museum so much, we’ve got something else for you!
40 minutes from the centre, there’s the famous stadium where Italy won the 2006 World Cup.
So if you’re a football fan as much as we are, it’s a must!
Joking apart, this stadium is full of history:
it hosted the 1936 Olympics, the first with television transmission;
and here Bolt broke the 100m world record.
But it’s now Martina’s favourite moment of the day, dinner!
After a quick look around Alexanderplatz, we go to “The Pub”,
a pub with generous helpings and a beer tap in the middle of the table.
And after a good sleep, we start our last day in Berlin with..
the must-see East Side Gallery, famous and iconic in Berlin,
that is none other than the Berlin Wall.
That’s right! We don’t need to add anything else ’cause it’s world-famous.
It’s worth the visit!
One thing we noticed is that in many parts
there’s a metal fence to avoid people’s scribblings.
And you may say “Is it necessary?”
Yes, it is!
That’s how it is where there’s no fence:
So, maybe, it’s better with the fence.
In 2009 all the artists were called back to repaint the wall.
That’s how it was in 2009..
the drawing were almost unrecognizable.
This is the only part of the wall that was left like this,
’cause it’s the icon of
the ban “no destroy or damage the wall”,
’cause it’s an important symbol for the city.
Of course, they also called this artist,
and this one on this side is the part of his painting that he restored.
But they left this part here like this.
We walk along the wall up to Oberbaumbrücke,
this beautiful red bridge, symbol of the Berlin ruled by the East Germany.
Here we take the tram up to Mauerpark.
a must-see on Sunday and famous for its colourful flea market.
There are some flea markets where you can find more or less interesting things.
Yes, it’s a matter of taste, at the end!
And there’s some street food!
Official tasting of the dark chocolate waffle
Really good!
It’s spilling!
It’s spilling, but the dough is not sweet.
I mean, only the chocolate is sweet,
not the dough.
How sad!
So it’s..
good, but not a 10 out of 10.
I’m having a “catira” with everything in
It’s this little sandwich of corn flour
with everything inside.
It’s similar to the tacos we used to prepare in Australia.
You’ve something on your nose!
It’s about to burst!
There’re also street artists who do pretty much everything, but especially singers.
There should also be karaoke in summer,
but in winter the sun sets at 3.30pm, so..
When they finished playing, we’ve also asked a couple of questions to the Riders Connection
like ” if they come here to play every Sunday”.
* Italian subs*
Byeee! (“Arrivederci” in Italian)
After this quick lunch in Mauerpark,
we head to another place, symbol of the East-West division:
Checkpoint Charlie!
It was one of the border crossing between East and West Berlin,
guarded by American soldiers,
and now, instead, there’re these guys that you’ve to pay to get a photo with.
So, it’s kind of a tourist trap,
but if you just pass by and look from afar, it’s ok.
Judging by the fact that this little booth is now in a triangle
formed by McDonald, Starbucks and KFC,
we can say that the West has won hands down!
There’s still one last stop we’ve to make before leaving,
but first..
One of the most beautiful things in Berlin,
that you can see for free all around the city,
are these pieces of street art,
that are humongous, amazing,
well-kept, also because they’re financed by the city itself.
They’re scattered all over the city, even far from each other,
so go check out our website ’cause
there’s a map of the finest paintings we’ve found,
in this way you can have your own map
and look for them.
Maybe you’re in a tourist spot and you know that
“200m away from here, there’s something like this, and it’s worth the visit!”
Finally here we are at the last stop of our 3-days trip in Berlin:
Jewish Museum Berlin.
There’re of course exhibition rooms with any kind of relicts about this culture,
but they particularly recommended this museum because of the three axes,
hallways that symbolize the different fates of the Jewish people.
There aren’t many show-pieces here,
it’s more a sensory experience created by the architecture.
The first axis is the Holocaust,
that ends in a cold and dark tower.
The second axis is the Exile that ends in a open space.
This is The Garden of Exile,
on the top there’s the Promised Land,
but people have to walk down here,
the Promise Land is unreachable
since the floor is tilted and with all these stone,
it’s difficult to walk
It seems many people lose their bearings,
they feel dizzy.
It represents
the feelings that people have when they’re force to emigrate
to escape from a bit complicated situations.
The first two axes are connected by the Axis of Continuity
that ends with the actual entrance to the museum.
Probably the most interesting installation in the museum is “Fallen Leaves”,
dedicated to all the victims of wars.
Ok, we’ve started this video here
and we end it here at Brandenburg Gate,
in the evening this time.
We’re ready to go back home and take the plane.
Go check out our website
’cause you can find a map with everything we saw.
You can download it and use it.
Now, it’s your time!
Let us know in a comment what are your must-see in Berlin,
if you’ve already been here, how much you like this city,
if you like this city..
so let us know in a comment.
Thanks for watching!
See you in the next video!
Bye! 😀
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