You asked and we listened, so here’s our guide to the Best Bars in Berlin – all the Bs. Rich is back to show us around a variety of different bars and the awesome drinks they make there. If you’re in Berlin, go check them out, and let us know any we missed in the comments… Links are below (This is a paid ad by Bacardi Global Brands) Bars we visited: Amano | Tausend | Monkey Bar | Das Stue | Prinzipal Kreuzberg | Links from the video: Porn Star Martini | Mai Tai | Pear and Coffee Negroski | Manhattan | Barcelona City Guide | For more nutrition info, click here: Subscribe to Drinks Tube | Subscribe to Food Tube | Subscribe to Family Food Tube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | More great recipes | #DrinksTube x Be sugar aware. Find out more about sugar at
hey guys welcome to drinks tube and
welcome to Berlin this is an amazing
city with a fantastic cocktail scene so
I’m going to be showing you some of the
best bars this city has to offer
when you’re in Berlin you’ve gotta come
check them out. When the weather’s as good
as this the rooftop bar the Amano hotel
here in Berlin is a place you are never
gonna want to leave
it’s got fantastic views of the city
including the Fernsehturm or TV tower
and during the day is a lovely relaxing
kind of place to hang out but at night
it turns into a wicked party venue the
cocktail menu is imaginative the service
is great the people are cool so it’s no
wonder this place is when a whole host
of awards. This is a Thai massage a
cheekily named little number with Bombay
Sapphire gin and then all the kind of
flavours you’d expect from thai cuisine
fresh lime juice ginger juice some
lemongrass and then these wonderful
little chili flakes on top
that is top-notch you really have to
come here enjoy the view and try their
wonderful drinks.
if you’re getting dressed up and you’re looking for a cool
exclusive cocktail bar, then Tausend is
about as cool and exclusive as you can
it’s hidden away under a railway bridge
with a relatively unmarked entrance so
what you’re looking for is a big metal
doorway behind which you’ll find this
incredibly stylish slick space.
It’s almost cinematic with this amazing
eye-like lighting installation. It’s unlike
anywhere else I’ve ever been
the music is awesome and there’s even a
restaurant out the back but the drinks
are really innovative give Life After Porn
a try
it’s like a next-level pornstar martini
with all the usual vanilla passion fruit
flavours along with Grey Goose vodka and
a pineapple and passionfruit foam
and it’s banging
so guys get dressed up look
for the iron door come to Tausend and
enjoy their incredible drinks
what you waiting for
monkey bar is a fantastic venue on the
tenth floor the 25 hours hotel just next
to the Tiergarten Berlin’s world famous
urban park which literally means animal garden.
The views over the city and the park
are incredible and the design is so cool
and relaxed its great any time of day
for a view but if you come in the
evening they have some top djs playing
music that they describe as atmospheric
making it perfect to enjoy a drink while the sun sets.
the drinks are excellent too if
you come here you have to try this
their Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai.
Named after the infamous bar owner and
bona fide creator of tiki bars and
restaurants it has aged Bacardi rum
fresh grapefruit and exotic spiced liqueur.
It looks great
It’s absolutely delicious
it looks amazing it tastes amazing
this place is amazing. come check it out
Das Stue means living
room in Danish and this place is so cozy
and effortlessly stylish that it really
could be
it’s also right next to the ostrich
enclosure at the berlin zoo so you might
just catch a glimpse of one past the
massive windows which just pour in this
lovely natural light
‘Why Danish?’ I hear you ask. Well this
place actually a hotel used to be the
Danish Embassy
come here on a friday night for live music and the promise to
revive some Berlin’s old-world glamour
their take on 1920s and 1930s cocktails
will really make you feel like you’ve
stepped back in time make sure you try
the Miss Rockefeller it’s a delicious
refreshing sipping drink made with Martini Rubino
fresh grapefruit juice and
it’s perfect to sip on while you relax
and pretend that you’re on the set of
the Film Noir.
Prinzipal Kreuzberg is quite
unlike any of the other places we
visited it’s like 20th century Paris
landed in Berlin and boy is it fun
they’re famous for their entertainment
they have cabaret burlesque magicians
but they also make amazing drinks they
make their own syrups bitters and
infusions and you can just tell how much
care passion and attention goes into all
of their cocktails when you taste them
this one is called an Amorena.
It’s sour amarena cherries with maraschino liqueur
on this lovely soft bed of Dewar’s 12 scotch
whisky and it’s just delicious
so if you want a good time fantastic
entertainment and some great cocktails
head down to Prinzipal Kreuzberg.
So there you go guys if you’re coming to Berlin
you have to check out these spots and if
you have any other recommendations in
the city let us know in the comment box
below make sure you check out our tour
of Barcelona just here and let us know
where you want to go to next. Cheers! Bye!