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– What’s up guys, this is Andong.
Today, we’re gonna do
something pretty interesting.
I’m first gonna take you on a tour
of some of Berlin’s
finest vegan burger places
and then I’m taking you to McDonald’s
and I’m gonna see how
their new vegan burger
holds up against them.
You probably have a lot of questions,
so did I, let me explain.
Full disclosure, this video
is sponsored by McDonald’s,
but don’t worry, the deal is
that I get to give you guys
an honest review at the end of this video.
I haven’t tried the burger yet myself,
but I was pretty surprised
when they first reached out
because vegan food is not
exactly what you think of
when you hear McDonald’s.
We’re gonna talk more
about this in a second,
but first, let’s try vegan
burger place number one,
which is right around the corner.
Follow me.
(upbeat electronic music)
Very, very promising burger.
I love the sauce.
Nice homemade crunchy fries.
Pretty good.
No, actually, they could
be a little bit crunchier.
But still pretty good.
At this place, they have a bunch
of different burger options
and this is their homemade
lentil-based patty.
(suspenseful music)
(Andong sniffs)
Smells really good.
It looks a little bit like falafel.
(Andong sniffs)
There’s lots of sauce, there’s soy bacon
and soy cheese on this one.
Don’t know what to think
about that, let’s see.
I think there’s some lettuce and tomato.
But what I care about
the most is, of course,
the entire package.
You ready, guys?
Big bites.
(Andong munches)
Very interesting.
The first thing you notice is this;
(laughs) (speaks in German)
The first thing you notice is that
this patty is really quite crunchy,
quite a lot like a good falafel.
Pretty heavy on the spices,
you can definitely taste things
like coriander seeds.
It’s not a meat substitute at
all, it’s not trying to be.
It’s very good.
Good sauce.
So, there’s both vegan bacon
and vegan cheese on this one.
I can’t say that I’m tasting it, though.
Eypee, you wanna try?
– Mmm.
– [Andong] What do you say?
– Tastes like curry.
– [Andong] Yeah.
Very heavy on the spice for sure,
I wouldn’t say it’s a juicy burger.
It’s more of a crunchy sensation.
But we still have a lot
of eating ahead of us,
so let’s move to the next station.
Come on.
Now, unless you’re new to this channel,
you know I’m an omnivore.
I do like eating meat,
but even if you put all
the moral questions aside,
I think that’s up to each
person to decide for themselves,
there’s a whole other set of issues
regarding sustainability.
A lot of animal-based products
have a pretty terrible
environmental footprint,
especially beef, actually, and that’s why
I’ve been trying to sneak in more and more
completely plant-based meals into my diet.
Now, I can’t say that I’ve
been doing a really good job
at that yet, but I am
getting a little bit better,
like today, so having said that,
time to check out place number two
which is right over there.
Let’s go.
(upbeat electronic music)
(speaks in German)
Right off the bat, I can tell
you I’m gonna like this one.
A lot.
Holy shit.
It does look crazy, let’s look inside.
(pocket knife switches)
By the way, all burger places
that serve burgers of
this size should have
(metal pick dings)
Nice and professional.
Bonus points.
Ooh, very crispy bread.
(choir vocalizes)
Ho ho!
This is a loaded burger!
Whoa! (laughs)
Smells so good!
This is their cheesy burger,
A.K.A. the no-girlfriend burger.
Sorry Eypee, no action tonight. (laughs)
– [Eypee] Aw man.
(Andong laughs)
– Super toasty bun, good stuff.
This yellow layer must
be the cheese sauce,
vegan cheese, of course.
We have some crushed
nachos for extra crunch,
there are tomatoes and onions
and then there’s this bright green layer
which is a bärlauch, pesto.
I don’t know, I’m gonna
look this up later.
Bärlauch, this.
This is, of course, a black bean patty.
You ready, guys?
(gasps) The sun even
came out for this burger.
(Andong munches)
(suspenseful music)
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
It is as good as it looks.
That patty has great
texture, great flavor.
I love the layer of,
of crushed nachos.
Really nice and garlicy
notes from the bärlauch.
But again, I gotta say, the vegan cheese,
it’s good, it doesn’t
taste like cheese, though.
Well, these guys know
how to balance flavor.
Eypee, Eypee, you need to try this.
– [Eypee] Okay, okay.
– [Andong] Bigger bites, man!
What’s this?
Good stuff?
– Oh yeah.
– One more place to check out
before we head to McDonald’s.
I’m super excited what lies ahead.
Let’s go.
I remember when I was in school,
eating vegan food was this
really divisive issue.
On the one side, you’d have vegans
who were sometimes quite
militant and aggressive about it,
and on the other side
you’d have meat eaters
who would say obnoxious things like,
“If it doesn’t have meat, it’s not a meal
“and I didn’t get on top of the food chain
“just to eat leaves and shit,”
and I really feel like in
the past couple of years
attitudes started shifting
and I don’t remember
when I felt judged by a
vegan for the last time
and, on the other side, I know that
a lot of meat eaters are
embracing plant-based options
from time to time which is pretty cool.
So, time to explore option
number three for today,
which is right over there.
Let’s do it.
We are here.
No, just kidding.
Danke schön!
Danke schön.
This place is a great example
of what I just talked about.
It’s a place that unites
good quality beef burgers
and vegan burgers.
They have a pretty
complex system of ordering
and assembling burgers,
that’s maybe for another time,
but they have vegan options
for everything they have.
For example, this is vegan bacon, which,
to be honest, looks a
little bit underwhelming,
but the vegan cheese looks pretty good,
like, this completely looks
like real cheddar to me.
Coleslaw, corn, why not?
And look, it’s even on a fancy,
it’s on a fancy burger stand.
I love this country, I
want this for a home.
Gotta give ’em kudos just for that.
Okay, but let’s open this
guy up and see what’s inside
because what’s on the inside
is what really matters, right?
I love the addition of
the pickle, by the way.
You know what?
That olive was pretty good.
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.
You ready?
Let me remove the stand.
Oh ho ho ho ho ho!
That’s a fat-ass burger!
Can you believe this is one
of the smallest options they have?
(Andong sniffs)
Smells amazing.
Satan burger.
Seitan burger.
It’s a seitan burger.
You ready?
(Andong crunches)
(Andong chuckles)
Aw man!
(Andong chuckles)
What have I just tasted?
It’s absurd, it’s good.
It’s good, of course it’s good.
(Andong chuckles)
It’s, like, everything.
Maybe if I take one more
bite, I can find words.
(Andong crunches)
Okay, okay.
It’s beginning to make sense, I’m,
let me start off by saying
this is an extremely decorated burger
if you couldn’t tell.
It is topped with everything.
The bun is amazing, it’s
like a brioche-type bun.
The first place where I
actually like the cheese.
It actually feels like cheese.
The patty itself doesn’t blow me away.
Kind of mushy.
It’s, like, creamy.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Eypee, I’m gonna wipe my hands
and then you’re gonna taste this.
Yeah. (laughs)
(Eypee chuckles)
– What is that?
– [Andong] It’s quite rich, isn’t it?
– I don’t understand the seitan.
I think that was quite something,
but it’s time to enter the
final chapter of this saga.
Are you ready?
Let’s go.
(upbeat electronic music)
Alright, straight talk guys.
I know a lot of people have mixed feelings
about the fact that McDonald’s is jumping
on the vegan bandwagon, and
I’ll be honest with you,
I enjoy the occasional
McDonald’s meal from time to time
and so do millions of other people
in the world and in Germany.
So, the fact that a huge
food company like this
is offering consumers a vegan option
and sort of continuing this trend
of making plant-based
meals more mainstream,
I think in the grand scheme of things
that’s probably a good thing.
So, but only, only if the
burger actually tastes good.
So without further ado, let’s see
what the McDonald’s vegan
burger is all about.
Let’s go.
Getting paid to eat McDonald’s.
Big Vegan TS.
To make this a fully vegan meal,
let’s go for ketchup, I guess,
and a Coke Zero, because
we wanna keep it healthy.
So, at €3.89, it’s the cheapest
burger we’re having today.
Here it is.
I am quite excited.
It actually looks quite like
any other McDonald’s burger.
It smells like a McDonald’s burger.
I like that.
Keep it clean.
Looks like I’ve lost my knife,
but that’s okay because
I have another one.
Let’s see what this looks
like from the inside.
Let me say, it looks the part for sure.
If you didn’t say anything,
I’d tell you this is a beef patty.
Look, it’s really simple,
we have the patty, tomatoes,
lettuce, pickles, and some sauce.
That’s it.
(Andong crunches)
Clear the palette.
I’ve been working all
day to get to this part.
The Big Vegan TS.
You ready?
I’m quite confused by the texture
because it definitely feels like meat.
How is this?
Hold on.
I need to inspect.
Grab the tiny piece of just the patty.
It’s crunchy.
Definitely just, I don’t
know how they did that.
It just has the texture of ground meat.
It’s totally there.
Considering a lot of people go
to McDonald’s at three a.m.,
I think most people won’t notice.
(Andong chuckles)
Eypee, you wanna try?
– [Eypee] Yes.
First vegan McDonald’s burger.
(Andong chuckles)
Here, they actually tried to imitate meat.
– [Andong] Is it a McDonald’s burger?
– Yeah.
Yes, definitely.
– So yeah, I think good news for everybody
who wants to enjoy a McDonald’s burger
and not eat meat.
Hope you guys enjoyed this
one, I’ll be back very soon
with a really special cooking video,
so I hope you join me in that one,
and I’ll see you there.
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(Andong speaks German)