Overview of local hot spots in Berlin when you want to party.
the nightlife of Berlin is as I
mentioned on its own you can sit in a
coffin drink schnapps while listening to
gothic music you can find places where
it is totally ridiculous to show up
before 6:00 a.m. whereas in other places
it would be totally embarrassing to show
up without your leather or your rubber
clothes so what we do is to give you a
short overview over the different
districts of Berlin prickly sine is the
perfect playground for freshly arrived
students for passionate punks for their
more or less domesticated dogs for those
who find pens lower back too clean and
too expensive for tourists you still
find some squats you’ll still find some
lots with Irving invention and lots of
bars and restaurants along the streets
Zeeman dock and the neighboring streets
of course in Berlin every neighborhood
has its own hotspot cuts Beck has
several ones if you want to get a taste
of multiculturality the trees issues
tour area probably is the best bet with
lots of clubs in the surrounding along
the bridge such as V 103 deluxe or the
Watergate and many many more really good
places that are worth checking it out
for they won half of mankind this is the
highway to heaven for the other this is
the definition of health the Ohanyan
bogus classic these perfect crossroads
of Berliners tourists and stag nights
the entertainment and gastronomy is laid
out for you and this is the perfect
place to start your night out follow the
district of Mitte is the cultural engine
of britain this is where all the fusions
and attitude philosophies merge from
here you can go to hawkish remark to see
on stage that’s two hoses and uh cuts to
other looks and booklets wherever you go
you will find your pocket of nightlife
beach in the middle of it or in the
little many side streets
ladies and gentlemen being legendary
Cafe Volga one of these few clubs that
was running in the GDR and it still is
as you can hear as you can guess and it
turned to a legend thanks to its Russian
Knights especially where Russian music
is bent and that attracts lots of
Russians who have wipeout is here but
also another nice you can walk catch a
glimpse of some concerts and Poetry Slam
event whatever it’s a nice place to hang
especially after 5 a.m. now this is a
very special place to the glycans by the
house has been writing for entries
already and it still is and it will
always be a hope because there are every
kind of crowd attracted to this place
from 18 to 88 from the
Kluber to the senior dancing with the
nephew you can find all kinds of people
and all kinds of music
horrible above medleys on the weekends
and then tangos swing and standard
dances in the week and just to name a
detail that tells a lot about this place
at the door there’s no security there’s
a cross cash in this place here as the
name suggests already is they fed serves
absinthe which used to be the favorite
beverage for artists in the turn of the
centuries and for people people to date
hang out with an open mind see where you
end up and just let the city take you
with me because you start to either back
show you but it