Berlin’s best clubs are not open during the week, but that’s the time for the underdogs to shine. Berlin’s bustling nightlife is there for you 24/7, you just gotta know when and where. Here are the clubbing top spots for Monday to Thursday. Links to the venues: Kitkat Club (Electric Monday) Alte Kantine (Hungry Monday) Crack Bellmer Kit Kat Club (Symbiotikka) Tresor Golden Gate Salon zur wilden Renate #Berlin #Nightlife #RadicalLiving
What’s up guys?!
A lot of you asked where to party during the week,
so here it is.
The best clubbing options for all you unemployed slobs out there.
Just kidding.
Not really
Sometimes the weekend is just too short.
It’s already Monday and you got kicked out from Kater Blau or Sisyphos
But you don’t want the weekend to end?
Fear not because there’s an awesome party happening right at Kit Kat
It’s called Electric Monday and is a more tame version of their crazy fetish parties.
Even with no dress code. It’s probably the best bet for the beginning of the week
But if you prefer to listen to more mainstream music rather than techno
Hungry Monday at Alte Kantine might be better for you. There’s even some snacks waiting for you there
Tuesday is by far the shittiest day of the week to go out.
Especially since Chalet had to close down earlier this year,
which really was the only good option for a Tuesday.
Maybe the end of Berlin’s nightlife is closer than we think.
I would try to avoid going out on a Tuesday
But if you really want I’d go to Crack Bellmer, which is kind of a mix between a bar and the club
It’s pretty small
It has only one floor, but that also means it gets fill up even during the week
The only other option would be in my opinion
Suicide Circus. I wouldn’t go there on the weekends, but for a weekday, it’s at least worth a try
Wednesday in Berlin means it’s almost the weekend and there’s one party that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.
Symbiotikka at Kit Kat. It’s by far the craziest event of any weekday
So make sure to check out the Instagram before you go, that you know
what is waiting for you there
if this seems a little bit too crazy for you.
Tresor would be the best place to be then. Can’t go wrong with Tresor on a Wednesday
Thursday is the new Friday in Berlin
There’s plenty to choose from and who wants to work on a Friday anyway,
you gotta call in sick at least sometimes, right?
And I’m not talking about you, Avi!
One great option is if you like it small loud and dirty the Donnerdogge event at Golden Gate
the event is happening every Thursday and is one of the most
Berlin-like experience you can have
if you rather go to bigger clubs with multiple floors
There’s twice a month, some of the best parties happening at Renata.
Renata is anyway one of the coolest clubs in the city, but if there’s a party on a Thursday
You don’t want to miss it.
I hope this was helpful
Let me know if you think that there’s anything else worth being mentioned here
and don’t forget to check out my other videos