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hello hoppers and welcome to mucho ha
Shama show you the boarding procedure at
Berlin Airport right now I am at
Alexander Platz and I’m going to take
the airport bus so the buses that go to
the airport stop at our lives under
Platz you don’t know where Alexander
Platz is we’ll just look for this
so that’s the bus you have to take the
one that says T X um blue – Tegel
perfect eagle internship Peter of–steak
terminus please leave the basket here
okay took 45 minutes to get here
so if you have to check-in you have to
check this chart and I’ll tell you what
desk is your check-in
oh my goodness I’ve no idea okay so
these screens will tell you all the
information you will need my flight is
at 12:45 so that’s the first thing I
have to do look for my flight
1245 to Frankfurt so there’s my flight
1245 Lufthansa flight 187 Frankfurt and
I have to go to counter a08 all right
and that’s also where the gate is where
I have to board
so here the check-in and the boarding is
all at the same place it’s at the same
okay so you can see we are at a five we
have to go to eight
a six a seven
okay so I’m at the gate it’s a eight and
my flight is right over here
let me zoom in 1245 Lufthansa 187
Frankfurt and no comments there ooh the
one before is delayed so I only have
carry-on luggage
so I don’t have to check anything in but
if you did have to check something in
your baggage then you would do it back
there okay right there there’s nobody
there right now because it’s a little
early but this airport is odd in that
the check-in desk and the gate is all in
the same place so I’ve never seen that
before except for like really really
really tiny airports but this is the
Berlin Airport so and just think oh a
little correction this is not the gate
to board on to the plane directly to the
plane because you still have to go
through security right so this is just
to get into where the gates are to board
the plane so yeah remember we still have
to go through security we haven’t done
that yet so once they open this door I
guess we go to our security is I’ve
never been to this Airport okay so we
enter here gates
8 and 9
and turn 8 so have your boarding pass
and ID ready we’re going to go through
security here
okay so check this out
security is right there duty for use
right there
the cafe is right there
and the gate is right there so you have
to make sure you’re in the right gate
because at gate nine there was another
Lufthansa flight going to Frankfurt but
it was at a different time so now we’re
at gate 8 what it said on the screen and
it’s the 12:55 flight with tons of 187
that was the other one at gate 9 was
85 so make sure you’re at the right game
this village
a thermocouple or Beyonce kiss well for
the state to those around you
okay I’m at my seat I hope this video
was helpful
I’d come to Berlin enjoy yourself great