In posting this video I declare that no infringement is intended by using these audio and video recordings, I am using them for entertainment purposes only and strictly non-profit. Down with Billy boys new normal, Old Skool all the way. If you like this video please give it a share or a thumbs up and to the nay sayers, the haters, the complicity theorists that reject the revolutionary minds of those that many of you call conspiracy theorists; PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!! THE PROTESTERS AREN’T PROTESTING AGAINST WEARING MASKS (THAT’S AN AWFUL NARROW-MINDED AND INDOCTRINATED VIEW FROM SOMEBODY WHO HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED UNBEKNOWNST TO THEMSELVES) THEY PROTEST FOR OUR FREEDOMS AND FOR OUR LIBERTIES, LIVELIHOODS & CULTURE THAT ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY STRIPPED FROM US AND OUR CHILDREN EVERY DAY AS HAS BEEN PLANNED. The moment for change is now: Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill – Protest Against Oppressive Government Restrictions: Dr. Vernon Coleman – Politicians and Advisors are Going to Prison: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Demo 29.08.20 | #Berlin: Heiko Schöning | Demo 29.08.20 | Ärzte für Aufklärung #Berlin: