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Gutentag! Gutentag!
Calum Worthy
here from New Form’s original series
Lost Generation.
Our show takes place in the historic city of
Berlin, Germany
while on location filming, the producers asked me to do
a spotlight on location.
I couldn’t be
more excited.
it’s my first time in the Deutschland and I’m ready
to explore the city of lights, the city that never
sleeps, the city of
brotherly love:
When I travel,
I like to check in with the locals to find out all
the best places
in town to visit and
the Germans welcomed me with open arms
Are there any cool hot spots in Berlin?
that you recommend?
Oh really?
Okay, cool.
Do you know any of the cool spots to go to Berlin?
What I noticed about everyone here in Berlin
is they speak very good English and excellent
Berlin is world renowned for its culinary
and I’m about to take a bite of the most famous
German dish
the German word poutine
loosely translates to
food for the family
but this weary wanderer is eating for one
So good!
the best Poutine!
A German delicacy!
with my belly full of Deutschland’s most famous
dish, I’m ready to see the historic Berlin sights
Gutentag! This city has stolen my heart.
But it wasn’t until I chatted with this lovely
German woman that I knew what I needed to see
…that’s what I hear!
The world famous
Montreal German Ducks
and they definitely did not disappoint
Berlin is breathtaking, there’s no place quite like
it on Earth
but I have a sneaky feeling the locals have been
more than humble about their fair city.
Upon a moment of reflection
at the Berlin Wall
I decided I had to ask the people of Berlin
what is Berlin to them
The diversity of answers
and their silence
was profound
We’re in Montreal
and that’s what it hit me
I don’t know how I didn’t see it before
The German word for love
is Montreal.
Well thanks for joining me on my journey through
Berlin, Germany