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I’m Sam and this is amazing travels week
13 the weeks are just flying by without
even asking Tuesday went out to my long
day of school again but to mix it up
this tuesday i actually went to my first
basketball practice at the berliner
sports club Val line valdine means club
on a rush from uni to the basketball
practice so I didn’t really get to bring
my stuff with me so I just SAT there and
watched the girls play after practice
the girls really nice it was someone’s
birthday and we cut a cake had some
champagne they totally included me which
felt really awesome finally getting into
something you know getting out there
joining a club I had practice again on
friday and friday’s practice i actually
had to practice fell not gonna lie I was
a little nervous why was i nervous I
mean I’ve been playing basketball
especially this past summer with Maddie
hi Maddie but Maddie and I would play
like two on two three on three you know
and three on three was really the most
we had gotten in a while playing five on
five was just a totally different you
know mindset for me so many people
unlike half a quart like ah but I made
my first jump shot first shot I took
swoosh the crowd went 0 for the new girl
and I was pretty proud of myself after
that I made some pretty stupid mistakes
like I did layup and it hit like under
the backboard instead of anywhere near
where the basket is I had a few running
around without a head like dead chicken
moments wow that’s not how it goes at
all I was running around like a chicken
without a head for a while I just didn’t
know where they needed me all these
commands are like just being shouted in
German and I’m just like I have no idea
what you’re saying when people speak
slow it’s hard enough to understand I
don’t think I did too bad they weren’t
like get the hell out of here you can
never come back actually I was invited
to Tuesday’s practice so that’s kind of
a good sign right another thing I’m
excited for is i emailed an english
theatre group here at my university ad
they are put
obviously English plays so I figured hey
I have such a shot considering I speak
English my first meeting will be today
I’m very excited I don’t know what play
they’re putting on I don’t know how it’s
working but can’t wait to get out there
make some more friends on Thursday
Martin set up for us to go to the Boone
descanse lab which is the White House of
Germany I believe except nobody lives in
it I was just waiting praying that I
would see Angela Merkel walking in her
pink robe pink slippers holding a cup of
tea and like bounnam I was just like
waiting for that to happen it didn’t
just in my imagination that’s good
enough I think to continue after the
Bundys konser aunt we headed to helped
van’t hoff we had mcdonalds like true
Americanos yeah we spent about two hours
at McDonald’s just eating and chilling
hanging out talking then we came up with
a brilliant new German word Martin Becca
and I have noticed the lack of a word
for awkward in the German vocabulary
this is just not a good thing because
awkward describes so many good things
this awkward turtle okay is amazing when
you’re just standing somewhere you’re
like you know what I mean so Germans
don’t have a word for awkward luckily
for us in the line at mcdonalds as we
were waiting for ice cream there was
this incredibly incredibly awkward boy
about 19 standing in line behind us and
he just started talking to us the
situation became even more awkward when
Martin and Becca decided to walk away
and leave me there alone with him his
name was David we decided we would use
dahveed as the word for awkward then I
got to thinking you know that’s really
not good because dhabi does a very
common german name and it just wouldn’t
ever work we decided to use dove and
then Becca’s like whoa whoa whoa let’s
make it a little more German and add the
lish to it so that is how oddly was born
for those of you out there speaking
German who have no word for awkward
godly is the new work DAV li CH dolly
saturday night
to the wine bar once again to pregame
for our halloween party at to be club
actually it was pretty awesome the DJ
was playing all the good hip-hop songs a
little Drake little wheezy little but
everything team were ended up losing his
jacket i bruised my knee got a piece of
glass stuck in my hand when I fell on
the floor yeah it was kind of da bleah
when I fell on the floor but whatever
right I mean you can’t let things
embarrass you or you’ll just never leave
your room my host family and I ended up
going to a very nice Park on the lake I
think it’s in von z I’m not quite sure
where it is but it’s beautiful all the
fall colors were just gorgeous just
dropping from the sky from the trees
really the weather is freezing literally
freezing it’s been zero degrees or so
yesterday October 28 was Berlin’s 770
fifth birthday Becca me and a few of her
friends from frankfurt oder went to
celebrate Berlin’s 770 fifth with
everyone else in Berlin minta there was
a festival of lights kind of thing going
on and there was fire everywhere I mean
this was such a fire hazard and I saw no
fire trucks anywhere luckily for us
Germans are reserved and not as crazy as
Americans and no one caught fire or
nothing caught fire it was nice it was
very beautiful a little creepy a little
creepy with like devil things and
hanging glowing shirts the Berliner dome
also looked beautiful just all the
colors in the city at night were
gorgeous just I wish you could be there
to see them because my camera cannot
capture the beauty of what last night
looked like and it was just a great
atmosphere and I’m very happy that I got
to experience it luckily for you guys I
actually took my camera out last night
so here is the review of the week so
here we are walking through that park
with my host family the one I was
telling you about this is a church it
was currently in mass so we weren’t
allowed to go in but I assume one day I
will those two people you just saw that
was my host sister my host dad here’s
from the Church of the beautiful lake
and I was trying to capture all the fall
colors here as you can see lots of
yellows and reds and browns kind of
thing this is a peacock I’ll in kind of
thing and I thought of Troy the peacock
that lives in our neighborhood boot
sarto Avenue here is a little fair you
take over to peacock island but it’s
closed because it’s like too cold I
don’t know if they’re like hibernating
for winter or something like that this
was the coolest stump chair I’ve ever
seen I thought wow I can do some
thinking there that’s church again and
as you can see it’s up amongst these
beautiful fall colors and the beautiful
lake it was just such a great day for
whether this is us walking down the
berliner mauer beg which means the
berlin wall path this is a nice little
cafe place you can eat at and here is
the festival I was talking about for the
770 fifth birthday at Berlin as you can
see there was a lot of color going on
that was kind of creepy up yeah but it
was really beautiful as you could see
with all the fire and the colors and
there were so many people around to see
this and this right here is a little
show going on that is the creepy ass
devil thing I was talking about this is
the rat house and it’s red normally but
of course it’s you know nighttime now
doesn’t it look like a seance from like
medieval times that everybody’s here
gathering around the fire pretty crazy
right I thought it was really cool and
all this fire was keeping us really warm
in the cold weather so no one was really
complaining that’s also probably why
people weren’t trying to put it out or
go crazy running around with it these
things would burst out with random
flames and I was kind of afraid my hair
was going to catch on fire luckily it
didn’t this was very nice architecture
cobblestone things that’s Becca being
Becca of course
then we saw these people i mean honestly
can they be any more i hate to say it
asian alexis i love you but look at that
girl’s coat and the guy has like the
most high-tech camera ever right like
come on anyway so this is a little guy
in his bicycle rolling rolling rolling
and that is the Berliner dome look how
beautiful it looked amongst the fire all
the colors like it was just gorgeous
absolutely gorgeous