Please watch in HD! I upload all my videos in 720p for your viewing pleasure! Yes, finally, I’m back doing videos. I realized after my Commandos series started breaking 1,000 views that it was legit, so I decided to play, record, and upload today. This mission clocked at around 25 minutes, so, sadly I had to split it up into three parts. Note: The Lieutenant on the open cars should be the last enemy to die on the mission. Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Central Europe IV Get to the engine
hey guys Hazen deuce here doing a
commandos 3 destination berlin video
walkthrough once again it’s definitely
been a while today is july 5th and i
can’t even remember the last time i did
one of these I’ve been playing World War
Craft too much but I told myself that I
wasn’t going to play while again today
until I had gotten a mission completed
in a video out so without any further
ado let’s continue with the eccentric
campaign and do get to the engine
yeah this canteen likes to lag a lot so
I’ll probably end up cutting to be a
short here in a second
there is no gains to your you owe me
wonder what continuation we don’t know
where we are going but we do know that
we are not alone okay we’ll have to
clear the Train of enemies and get to
the engine
understood Oh like a blonde
all right so our objective here is to
get the engine employees noise guess
I’ve actually completed his mission I’ve
just played through it a few times to
see some
tips and tricks’ I can give you guys so
we have the green beret and the spy su
and the thief and they’re currently in
this little train car and if they are
spotted by in the enemies they’ll be
shot instantly killed on sight that’s no
fun I’m ready sir
now goodness use our green beret
and before you automatically jump on
this train car watch out for the soldier
here he’s basking we’re going to turn
alright so in this train or in this car
rather we have this dude this guy two
people over here and the rifleman all
the way in the back here so don’t
automatically knife this guy like I know
you all want to leave it to me we’re
here to the wall first and then punch
him out and then you can knife good if
you immediately walk in just a knife in
your green beret will feel a little bit
overconfident and overzealous and he’ll
like step directly in front of the dude
and attempt to gut him
leave it to me start work after you do
that work here
get against the wall
oh there’s our buddy leave it to me
sorry yeah
no killing a liver
then we all have up to here
all right don’t worry about the glycerol
actually that’s what we want we want to
busy us
leave it to me sir
doing it
doing it
doing it alright so that cars pretty
I mean you pretty much know what to do
doing it
doing it
did I get it all I did get it all okay
okay so this guy’s facing this way you
can automatically move up
to knife him
you can do the same with this guy right
leave it to me
believe it’s May sorry
all right you can immediately good night
this guy these dudes over here will be
alerted but it’s no big deal
then we’ll leave the car because they’re
lazy I get their cigarettes here and
this guard will see them which is what
we want and if done correctly if you
nitro right time
knife in and these guys won’t hear that
they’ll just continue
doing getting whatever it is they do
so after you’ve done that
um you can move over and not this guy I
haven’t had any problems with this yeah
he just goes down doing it
doing it
okay so my guess dude doesn’t want my
doing it
okay as you can see he shot me and took
down my house a little bit if you’ve had
any roughness up to this point and your
crane Bray’s a little bit low on health
make sure before you attempt to shoot
that guy what do you owe to those you
give him some first aid from your thief
and yes let’s get back to it
okay dawn
yes now once you’ve done all of this and
cleared all these enemies out so far
kiss your officers uniform
and move out to now clear
all these dudes often lose
these two open cars
so the first thing we’re going to do
we is
we’re gonna distract this sometime just
haven’t looked anywhere
damn drink oh okay yes
in which case we will proceed to
yeah I might if we knock this guy
this next group of soldiers
I punch them out first
any problems
I’m not this guy
punch these dudes out snakes through
we should go first
what are your orders yes
we’re going to distract this soldier
lieutenant rather
I do
as you can see my cursor won’t
All My Sons don’t like damn it never so
talent looking
just can’t go to that
so smart