Faculty Director, David Slocum presents 4 out of the 8 methods that guide the Berlin School approach to Creative Business Leadership.
hi there this is Sean from the Berlin
school of creative leadership in this
video faculty director david slocombe
presents 4 out of the 8 learning methods
that guide the berlin school approach to
creative business leadership answering
the question how should creative
leadership learning be enabled our
answer to this question involves
creative and constructive interactions
between rigorous research and analysis
and cutting-edge understanding of actual
thinking and practice in industry at the
school we rely on eight methods that
guide our various programs first of
these methods dates back to the origin
of school and an understanding that
effective and sustainable business
transformation needs to be coupled with
ongoing personal transformation those
dual transformations lead to a second
method which is the cultivation of
continuous learning continuous learning
of course needs to occur not only among
individuals but in teams and businesses
in order to account for the dynamic and
often volatile change that occurs in the
marketplace today similarly a third
method the employment of various
pedagogy’s further
advances our ability to extend the
learning of our participants these
pedagogy’s don’t only allow individuals
to work across disciplines but they
afford the opportunity for each of our
participants to develop or personally
and in ways that suit their particular
contexts challenges and environments if
employing varied perspectives is one of
our objectives than understanding one of
today’s cutting edge methodologies
namely experiential learning is a fourth
method and with that experiential
emphasis we don’t really mean the
celebration of Greater collaboration and
individual confidence that experiencial
learners of decades past engaged in
rather today we understand that the
targeted experiential learning across
both personal and adaptive as well as
technical fields can be an enormous leap
our fillet for individuals to advance
their Learning and Development if you’d
like to find out more about the Berlin
school approach why not check out
David’s second video where he presents
the next four learning methods that
provide constructive and creative
interactions between rigorous research
analysis an actual creative business
thinking and practice thanks for